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A lot of our clients aren’t entirely clear about the differences between Sage 100 (formerly MAS90, MAS200) and Sage 100cloud and why they should consider moving to Sage 100cloud.

Looking at today’s ERP landscape, it is easy to think that there are only two options: on-premise and cloud. There is a lot of hype about the cloud that contributes to the idea that on-premise is increasingly irrelevant, and that cloud is modern and superior. We know this isn’t always the case. There is no ‘best’ approach to ERP. There is only what’s right for the client. For many businesses, the best solution is a hybrid approach that provides access to a multitude of cloud-connected services, without also giving up the stability and familiarity of an on-premise solution.

At ACI Consulting, we understand that changing business management solutions places a significant burden on companies. Changes in core technology force businesses to disrupt existing processes and re-establish them to fit the new technology. This change management process takes time and involves risk. Sage 100cloud is designed to help businesses to extend the capabilities of their existing Sage 100 solution without disrupting the high impact business processes upon which their success has been built.

With Sage 100cloud, companies can thoughtfully deploy a business management solution that is the right fit today, and that can grow with them as they thrive. With Sage 100cloud, customers can:

  • Take advantage of rapid product innovation while upgrading on your own schedule
  • Easily configure application settings, and heavily customize their environment thanks to an open code base
  • Protect your investment. Sage has dedicated tremendous research and development into the advancement of Sage 100cloud and are committed to advancing the product for years to come. The core platform now comes equipped with advanced functionality for manufacturing, eCommerce, production, business intelligence, warehouse management, offers a tighter integration to Microsoft Office 365 and more.

Solution Network: Sage 100cloud now offers over 200 fully integrated solution add-ons and enhancements designed to tailor the solution to your unique business needs. With the newly designed connected cloud capabilities, it is simple to connect and automate various solutions to Sage 100cloud.

Total Cost of Ownership: With Sage 100cloud you are investing in a software that will grow with your business. With the low monthly subscription costs and low cost of adding functionality, it is now easier than ever to stay up-to-date on your software and continue to focus on investing in and growing your business.

Let’s answer the question we get asked the most. Is Sage 100 now in the cloud?

The “cloud” in Sage 100cloud simply stands for “connected cloud”. Although Sage 100cloud is not a SaaS deployment, it does connect seamlessly to a large network of add-ons and supports remote deployment options.

The future of Sage 100 is a subscription based, able to connect to hundreds of cloud applications that will enhance your Sage 100 experience and will protect your investment. In the lifespan of your organization, regulations change, markets change and companies will need a flexible modern Sage 100 to meet these challenges head on by offering the right solutions without having to start over again with a new ERP solution. Learn more here.

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