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Cloud-based Computing

ACI Consulting knows that no two businesses are alike. The ways they run their operations, manage money, hire employees, track merchandise, or even celebrate employee birthdays are different. As such, Sage’s Cloud-based Computing system, brought to you by ACI Consulting, offers flexibility and efficiency for all business models. The power of Sage offers hosted versions of all of our software programs, giving your company the flexibility to choose how you purchase and execute a solution.

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Your Software—Available from Anywhere

Cloud Solutions from Sage offers a safe and affordable alternative for companies running important business applications on in-office desktops. ACI Consulting serves clients around the country and world, and we know cloud services are the perfect solution for businesses in need of a system that is accessible, affordable and easily installed. Our software is available from anywhere—literally. Just log on and get to working—whether you’re in a hotel in Shanghai or at your kitchen table. And should your company’s circumstances change and you no longer need cloud services, our Sage software can easily and affordably transition back to a network-based ERP and CRM software system. With cloud solutions from Sage, you are in complete control of your data and system.

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Confused About Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a term used to describe software that is accessible entirely online. No need to install it onto individual desktops. Simply subscribe and pay an affordable monthly fee.

Cloud solutions are easily expandable and manageable. For example, whether your business has as few as 5 or as many as 5,000 employees, your company will benefit from this program. If you have employees that work remotely, telecommute, or have mobile offices, then this is the perfect solution for your company. Sage Cloud Solutions is completely portable, yet still efficient at maintaining important functions such as accounting, operations, customer service, and data management.

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