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Cloud At Work Selected By ACI Consulting, Leading Sage Business Partner, As Exclusive Hosting Provider For Its Sage Clients

Cloud at Work, a purpose-built Sage hosting solution, today announced that ACI Consulting (ACI), a leading Sage business partner, has selected it as its exclusive hosting provider for Sage clients. By migrating its Sage clients to Cloud at Work, ACI enables them to take control of their businesses, and realize the financial benefits of SaaS, supported by the combined Sage application and cloud technology expertise of ACI and the Cloud at Work team. Read more…

Sage Business Building Conference – Dallas, TX

At the Sage Intacct Business Building Conference, Senior VP Taylor MacDonald acknowledged ACI Consulting as the largest sale to win over competitor NetSuite. ACI Consulting’s journey to bring a cloud-based solution to its clients with Sage Intacct is well underway.

ACI Consulting’s Douglas Luchansky Featured in California Business Journal Article

Some life paths reveal themselves before the traveler even knows they’re looking

This was how it was with Douglas Luchansky.

He attended acting school right out of high school and later studied film and directed videos for two notable ’80s bands that aired on MTV.

Later, after graduating from Cal State University Fullerton with a degree in Business Finance, he became an expert in an industry that was just beginning to evolve three decades ago: accounting software. Story continued here….

90 Minds, Inc. Annual Event

Meeting of The Minds, brings our membership of consultants, resellers, and software providers together to celebrate our powerful community.

For two plus days, we share, listen, learn, and challenge our perceptions. We celebrate expanding our community through renewal of relationships and building new alliances. All members of 90 Minds, whether they are partner, consultant, or software provider are welcome at our event sessions, networking sessions, and evening socials. We are a community. Working together, we succeed.

Our investment grows all year through online collaboration supported by our members, webinars from our partners, and our sharing of knowledge and experience with each other. The returns are greater than any one mind. Learn more.

Payroll and 1099 compatibility for Sage 100 is changing

Due to compatibility issues with the latest software provided by its tax reporting partner, the Sage 100 Payroll 2.24 release and 1099 update scheduled for December of this year will not be compatible with versions of Sage 100 prior to 2020 (6.20.0).

Specifically, payroll customers and those utilizing 1099 functionality running Sage 100 versions 2018 and 2019 must upgrade to a supported version of Sage 100 to install the Payroll 2.24 release and the latest tax form updates. Learn more.


ACI Consulting Webinar: AP Automation – Gain Control of Your Data with DocLink

Every company has LOTS of data, LOTS of documents everywhere, in every department. We live in a data-driven world where everything we do involves information; we generate and consume mounds of it. But how easy is it to find what you need, when you need it?

DocLink, the exclusive Sage-endorsed document management and process automation solution, expands your Sage ERP’s functionality by providing the ability to:

  1.  Eliminate paper-based bottlenecks like AP invoice and contract approvals
  2. View documents right within Sage, no more chasing down paper
  3. Retrieve, view and approve documents anywhere, on any device
  4. Increase control and visibility of transactions while eliminating key strokes
  5. Automate document/data delivery to customers, vendors, partners

Watch this webinar to find out how DocLink can help you go paperless to streamline your businesses processes, improve productivity and reduce your costs for immediate ROI.

Watch The Webinar

Sage 100 Customer Portal by CIMcloud

Check out this webcast to learn how to navigate the self-service platform for your customers. This platform provides ease-of-use for your customers while allowing your employees insight into these interactions, creating a smooth and clear platform to meet everyone’s needs. Increase customer loyalty with this platform.

Watch The Webcast

Avalara Webcast for Sage Customers

Join the webcast on June 7 at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST) hosted by Sage partner, Avalara. A panel of experts from Avalara and Bloomberg Tax will look into tax trends and tax compliance that can increase business growth and revenue. Make sure to check it out!

Watch The Webcast

Sage Inventory Advisor: Revolutionize Your Supply Chain Planning!

Join the webcast on June 22 at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST) hosted by Sage. Bridge the gap between ERP solutions and keep track of your inventory with Inventory Advisor. Get the tools needed to align supply and demand. Go watch now!

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