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Can you keep up with all the latest technologies?  It seems like technology is advancing at a whiplash pace.  I saw a robot that picks up dog poop and a phone app that will give you an eye exam.

Would you agree that the technology we use should make our lives and jobs easier?  Why is it that we settle for antiquated technologies at work, yet enjoy the latest advancements at home?  Our whole house is connected to Google Home.  Many of us use these AI’s at home and these tools become more advanced every year.  What about technologies like Ring?  You can be anywhere in the world and see who’s at your doorstep via your smart device!  Most of our home technologies are cutting edge yet our work technologies suck.

Case in point: 

(Sorry, I love the old Twilight Zone shows where Rod Serling would begin the show with a monologue and at the end, he would say, Case in Point, meaning here’s an example).

Every organization uses an accounting software system.  These systems are the backbone of all companies.  Now, if accounting software is so important, why are so many organizations okay with developing “work arounds” and relying heavily on Excel that was created in 1985?  Did you know hackers can get into Excel files?

Here’s how to know if your accounting software is hurting your organizations.

  • Spending hours, or days, on painful consolidations in Excel.
  • Monthly close takes too long.
  • Non-GAAP financials.  This could be the reason you miss out on your next round of funding or a loan to help you grow.
  • Can you quickly view your data from any angle?  Is reporting a nightmare?
  • Is the software in the cloud accessible from any browser or any device?  Easy access to your accounting software is important.
  • Staff is frustrated and complains about the software and the lack of functionality.
  • Departments don’t work well together and are not on the same page because the data is all over the place and it takes an army of staff to tame it every month.

If you are reading this and feel the pain of an unhelpful accounting solution and feel that it’s hurting, hindering company growth and efficiency, let’s chat.

ACI Consulting has experts on staff who can give advice on how to choose a new accounting software.  There are many out there and we can help fit you into the right one.

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