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How Accounts Payable Automation Can Help Your Business

Some accounting solutions sound impressive but won’t make a big enough difference to your business to justify their expense. Accounts payable (AP) automation is different because it delivers real-world benefits that affect your employees and your company’s bottom line.

Save time 

Manual AP processing is time-consuming. Every month, team members have to spend hours on simple, repetitive tasks like entering data by hand, hand-printing bills and checks, and stuffing envelopes. By automating AP with Sage Intacct, you can shave hours off your AP processing tasks every single week, and you can more easily manage the entire AP cycle with streamlined workflows.

Save money

Needless to say, all those hours spent on manual AP processing cost your business—not only in the wages paid to the employees but in the lost opportunity to have those employees undertake more important tasks that would add value to the business. 

Because Sage Intacct partners with popular payment platforms, you can also lower transaction costs by automatically and securely paying vendors using checks, ACH, and virtual cards. That means no more postage costs and no more costly time spent generating and transferring ACH payments to the bank.

Scale at will

Managing AP processing for multiple entities is especially challenging and can get in the way of growing your business. By automating your AP, you can quickly process bills and payments for all your business entities from multiple bank accounts—all within Sage Intacct. You no longer have to worry about juggling multiple logins and subscriptions for each entity. 

Get the visibility you need

When you automate AP processing with the accounting and ERP solution from Sage Intacct, you get complete visibility and traceability. Again, that’s because everything—including the entire AP workflow, from bill to payment, reconciliation, and reporting—takes place within Sage Intacct.

Reconciliations take minutes with auto-match and transaction auto-create capabilities, and you don’t have to reconcile or consolidate across multiple entities and instances. All the documents, approvals, reporting, and other information you need are available within a few clicks. Plus, you get centralized, electronic access to bills, approvals, payment status, posting details, and audit trails. 


Need Help with AP Automation?

The experienced professionals at ACI Consulting can help you evaluate your existing AP processes, determine whether it’s time to switch to an automated AP solution and identify which one is most likely to meet your needs. Contact us today to get started.