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Are you new to warehouse barcoding? Or do you have a warehouse barcode system that you would like to replace. Here are some great tips to make your selection and implementation a success.

  1. Find an executive sponsor or champion: An executive sponsor or champion can help you secure buy-in for your warehouse barcode system project throughout your company’s executive team. An executive sponsor not only ensures that you have the budget you need for your project but removes potential roadblocks to project success. Their enthusiasm and open support for the project sends a powerful signal throughout your company that this is an important project not just for your warehouse operations, but to the entire organization.
  2. Assign a project lead: A project lead is someone within the organization who takes responsibility for developing the potential scope of work, vendor selection, and project coordination. Choose someone for the role who is organized, thorough, and a good communicator.
  3. Form a representative project group: It’s important to have members from every department on the project team that will be affected. A warehouse barcode system can impact more than just the warehouse floor; consider the effect on accounting, manufacturing, sales, and others.
  4. Create a project plan with ROI: A project plan with detailed ROI metrics, milestones, and measurements will help management understand the benefits of the warehouse automation project and how to measure its success.
  5. Work with an experienced vendor: A vendor with experience in warehouse automation has the benefit of past projects to learn from and guide your implementation. Experience, good product and warehousing knowledge, and a strong training and service component are also important for success.

For the past 28 years, the Scanco team has dedicated themselves to making warehouse work easier using barcoding systems.