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If you’ve come across this blog post, we can assume that you’re on a quest. Your quest is to find out how you can take advantage of direct-to-customer sales as well as increased order fulfillment—and, thus far, all you’ve been able to determine is that manufacturing & warehouse automation tools will help in some way.

As time has passed, you’ve begun to regret your choice in taking on this quest. Like Frodo and his lengthy challenge to destroy the Ring of Power, your quest has begun to span too much time and you feel hassled and harried at each new obstacle. These obstacles include software integration headaches, customization problems with upgrades, and constant phone calls with too many integration software vendors.

That’s all about to change, because your quest has brought you here. Read on to find the answer you’ve been seeking.

The Riddle of Manufacturing + Warehouse Success

In The Lord of the Rings, Bilbo Baggins the hobbit first obtained the Ring of Power by winning a riddle contest with the loathsome Gollum. This may sound like a familiar action in your own quest.

We get it: Sometimes trying to get information about pricing and integration capabilities for manufacturing & warehouse automation software can feel like you’re battling a loathsome software vendor while trying to make sense of pricing and implementation riddles.

While Bilbo Baggins presumably had nothing better to do with his life than sit in an underground cave talking riddles with Gollum, you have work to do. Real work. You have customers to get back to. Right now. You need a solution that integrates seamlessly and makes sense.

The ONE Solution to Rule Them All …

If you waste your time with riddles, your competitors, like Sauron (the evil villain in The Lord of the Rings), will have time to amass armies and crush your business. What you need is a magic tool that helps your business:

  • Increase manufacturing speed and efficiency
  • Provide at-a-glance shop-floor analytics
  • Keep production and materials issue data up to the minute in real time
  • Plan and schedule materials, labor, equipment, and tools for delay-free production
  • Take care of complex inventory tracking, such as multi-bin and pallet tracking
  • Control and manage all devices on your shop floor

But where could such a magical tool exist, and who are the keepers of this tool?

Discover the Fellowship

If you’re ready to complete your quest, you can trust the partnership of two leading manufacturing & warehouse automation experts, forming the ONE solution to help you succeed.

Advanced Computer Solutions Group (ACS)

Since 1989, ACS has been helping businesses succeed with Sage 100 ERP programming and now they’ve partnered with Scanco to bring you multi-bin warehouse management and pallet tracking. Not only will this feature seamlessly integrate with your Sage 100 system, it comes with warehouse automation and manufacturing automation tools.

Multi-bin and pallet tracking from ACS helps you:

  • Track pallets in work order issues and completion
  • Validate against existing pallets
  • Create next synchronous pallet number
  • Create any pallet ID on the fly
  • Work on desktop and mobile


Also in 1989, Scanco was born. From the dream of one man who founded Scanco to simplify people’s work lives by adding barcoding capabilities to warehouse operations to the warehouse and manufacturing automation powerhouse that the company is today, Scanco helps you with work order automation and warehouse barcoding convenience and automation.

WO Scan from Scanco helps you:

  • Automate the eight Work Order transactions for the Sage 100 module
  • Access real-time raw materials inventory, transfers, or lookup
  • Empower your shop-floor personnel to capture materials issued, labor, materials completion, and warehouse changes on desktop and mobile
  • View real-time shop-floor performance analytics while maintaining materials issue visibility
  • Control and manage all transactions on all devices throughout your shop floor

Warehouse Automation for Sage 100 from Scanco helps you:

  • Automate your warehouse with barcoding
  • Manage your warehouse in the cloud on iOS, Android, and Windows devices
  • Ensure accurate inventory levels in real time
  • Voice activate your barcoding activities
  • Live validate your pick, pack, and ship process

Your Journey to Find Manufacturing & Warehouse Automation

Part of the excitement of an adventure is the journey, but when adventurers have reached the finale of their quest, they feel a sense of relief due to a task well done.

Then they celebrate.

It’s time for your celebrations to start because you’ve finally finished your quest; you have found the ONE solution that answers all your needs in your manufacturing and warehouse operations, a solution that integrates seamlessly, provides diverse functionality with a single point of contact, and works perfectly with your Sage 100 solution and your mobile devices.