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Wealth management businesses are tasked with the crucial responsibility of efficiently managing clients’ financial assets and delivering long-term growth. To do that, you must have a reliable, secure, and robust financial management system. 

One powerful option to consider is Sage Intacct, the best-in-class cloud financial management platform. Let’s look at four of the main reasons Sage Intacct stands out for wealth managers.

1. Cloud-based efficiency

Because Sage Intacct is a cloud-based financial management solution, it offers several advantages over on-premise systems. The cloud-based approach allows for seamless collaboration, real-time updates, and secure access from anywhere with an internet connection. 

This means wealth management professionals can access crucial financial data on-the-go, enabling faster decision-making and improved client service. Furthermore, the cloud-based nature of Sage Intacct ensures automatic updates, eliminating the need for manual installations and reducing downtime due to maintenance tasks.

2. Tailored to financial services

Sage Intacct is designed with the needs of financial services firms in mind. The platform offers industry-specific features and functionality, such as investment tracking, performance reporting, portfolio management, and compliance reporting. 

These and other tailored tools give wealth managers a comprehensive view of their clients’ financial positions, helping them make informed decisions and provide clients with accurate and timely reports.

3. Automation and integration

Manual data entry can be time-consuming and error-prone. Sage Intacct addresses these challenges by providing automation features that streamline financial processes. From invoice generation to expense management, automated workflows increase efficiency and free up time for wealth managers to focus on strategic initiatives. 

Additionally, Sage Intacct integrates seamlessly with other essential business applications, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, further enhancing the overall productivity and effectiveness of wealth management operations.

4. Security and compliance

When dealing with sensitive financial information, security, and compliance are of utmost importance. Sage Intacct offers extensive security measures, including data encryption, access controls, and regular data backups to safeguard critical information from unauthorized access or data loss. The platform also allows for customized financial reporting, performance tracking, and interactive dashboards that can be shared with clients securely.

Furthermore, the platform complies with industry standards and regulations, ensuring that wealth management businesses can meet their compliance requirements without additional stress.

Get the support you need

The experienced professionals at ACI Consulting can help wealth management businesses evaluate and implement the latest ERP and financial accounting solutions to help them optimize payroll operations, save time and resources, and focus on core competencies. Contact us to learn more about our team and all of the services and solutions we offer. 

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