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Financial Statement report writing is a snap with Sage Business Intelligence, (SBI) a report-writer that pulls the data directly into a familiar Excel-based environment.

Using the optional drag and drop Report Designer module,  SBI brings the data into Excel, saves the template, allows the user to manipulate and analyze the data with buttons and drop downs, and then saves and links the report back to Sage 100 (formerly known as Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200).

Use the optional Connector module to grab data from multiple sources, allowing your financial planner to evaluate more than the Sage 100 database.

Key benefits for Sage Business Intelligence:

  • Minimize work outside the database in Excel
  • Create in-depth General Ledger presentation-quality financial statements
  • Use customizable dashboards
  • Create trend reports with rolling totals
  • Extract up-to-the minute data views

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