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Attract the Next Generation with Mobile Warehouse Solutions

Are your warehouse operations struggling to find and keep the younger workers?  As Baby Boomers retire from the workplace, manufacturers and distributors will need to find ways to attract Millennials to their manufacturing and warehousing operations. The question is:  How do we do this?

How Do Millennials Differ from Baby Boomers?

The Baby Boomers are more traditional in their thinking.  They start a career and may stick with it until retirement time.  Baby Boomers tend to be hands on, have a conservative approach, and work well with direct supervision.  They value the relationship they have built with their company.  They like stability and advancement in their careers.  You could say that a Baby Boomer would thrive working 9-5 with a clear path for the entire future.

Millennials, sometimes referred to as Generation Y, are often characterized by their more flexible and fluid approach to work and home life. While Baby Boomers were most comfortable with traditional planning models in the workplace, Millennials are generally more comfortable with flexibility and unstructured workspaces. They want a balance between work and home life.  They may change careers several times in their lifespan. Millennials like collaboration, partnerships and social connections.  They are comfortable with learning and using technology to help grow the business.  Millennials are willing to try new technology. The Millennials aren’t scared to try new technology such as mobile warehouse solutions.

Attracting the Next Generation of Employee

In order to attract the next generation of employee to your warehouse operations, you have to find ways to offer what is important to them.  Technology and flexibility are huge selling points.  Finding ways to add new technology and flexibility into your operations is a great way to attract the new generation of employee.

When you are looking for mobile warehouse solutions, look to Scanco. Scanco is dedicated to providing all of the cost-effective, mobile tools that you require to streamline your operations and provide the flexibility and technology that the Millennials are looking for.