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Whether you process kits, assemblies, or finished goods, Sage 100’s Bill of Materials (formerly known as Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200) module is up to the challenge. It lets you create and maintain detailed bills of materials, cost out the bills, add miscellaneous charges for a complete picture, as well as add comments. Add up to 99 levels deep of sub-assemblies, explore as a single-level BOM or explore all levels and view the data graphically.

Designed to record after-the-fact data entry of production, the components are entered into the usage tables and the finished good is properly completed to inventory. Bill Options allow a unique way to either build or sell (with Sales Order) different configurations of product. For example, if lawn mowers are built, an option can be created for engine size and based on the answer, the module knows what components to consume.

Engineering Change Control is another powerful feature that allows effectivity dates for components, thus improving on productivity and production efficiency. A detailed record of bill changes is kept in the history files for reporting or queries.

Some of the standard reports include:

  • Cost Bill of Materials Report
  • Indented Bill of Materials Report
  • Production History Report
  • Summarized Where-Used Report
  • Gross Requirements Report


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