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iStock_000016420920XSmallWhat is Sage 500 Warehouse Automation?

Need to increase efficiency in order picking and cycle counts? Want instant, validated reporting to your Sage 500 system? Want to manage and record warehouse activities using handheld devices? The Warehouse Automation Module in ACI Consulting’s Sage software offers a wireless solution to your warehouse needs, increasing productivity and accuracy.

What can ACI Consulting do for you warehouse?

  • Batch Mode connection in real time
  • Intuitive integration to Sage 500
  • Quick install; up and running within one week
  • No Sage 500 user licenses required
  • No terminal services
  • Easy to access analytics
  • Real Time Console allows managers to track warehouse activities
  • RFIS integration

Streamlining Pick, Pack, and Ship

With handheld devices at your disposal, the entire warehouse process simplifies. ACI Consulting takes warehouse chaos and manages it for ease and efficiency. Intuitively displaying each order and the items to be picked, the handheld devices direct pickers to necessary bins, speeding up the picking process. Once picking is completed, Warehouse Automation automatically sorts items according to ship-to-address, shipment dates, and shipping methods, reducing work time and eliminating human error.

Picking completed, shipments generated, the handheld device’s Packing feature streamlines the packing process. Pack items into single or multiple packages, or divide one order across several packages. Whatever the specific needs, Warehouse Automation meets demand in a fast, intuitive, and easy-to-use process.

Need shipping information? Warehouse Automation uploads all information to Sage 500, where you can easily access, view, and edit all shipments.

Inventory Reconciliation

Write-offs at inventory time can mean lost money and lost time when trying to pin down exactly when and where the inaccuracies took place. While cycle counting can occasionally address the problem, the time and bodies required cost money and can create setbacks. ACI Consulting’s Warehouse Automation, which supports physical and cycle counts, brings much needed efficiency and accuracy into the process of inventory reconciliation.

RF Disconnections? Not A Problem

Whether you plan an intentional RF disconnection, step out of RF range, or your RF network goes down, ACI Consulting’s Warehouse Automation has you covered. With handheld devices, work can carry on without any data loss. Run the Synchronizer once RF communication has been resolved and the handhelds send all data directly to Sage 500. ACI Consulting helps keep your warehouse affairs on track around the clock.

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