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Your business needs efficient warehouse and inventory management. ACI Consulting’s Multi-Bin and WMS can help you increase productivity on the warehouse floor and dramatically reduce shrinkage.

With Directed Picking and Direct Put Away, Multi-Bin provides your business with dynamic, automated solutions for Primary Pick, Overflow, Staging, and other essential warehouse sites. With these industry-leading solutions in place, ACI Consulting will help to increase your productivity and eliminate lost inventory.

ACI Consulting’s Multi-Bin offers:

  • RF barcoding
  • Intuitive ease of use
  • Picker optimization for one or multiple orders
  • Wave pick sheets
  • Directed picking features
  • Real-time goods transference with recognized RF scanning

Primary, Overflow, Staging Locations and Anywhere

  • Automated allocation from primary pick to staging locations
  • Staging for Receiving, Shipping, Manufacturing, Sales Orders and Customers
  • Audit trails and reporting
  • Lock inventory from Automate areas

Directed Picking and Put Away

  • Manages allocated and available inventory locations
  • Dynamic allocation via FIFO, location, or expiration date
  • Wave Pick Sheet management
  • Automated replenishments and transfers for primary pick locations
  • Location and inventory evaluation by Put Away

Manufacturing Streamlined

  • Directed Picking
  • Automated raw material allocation
  • Automated work order creation via Sales Orders
  • Handhelds offering RF barcoding, Material issues, and Labor and Completion

Barcoding and Warehouse Automation

  • Transfer inventory between locations in real time
  • Handheld inventory lookup in real time
  • ScanForce, VB Scan, and Scanco integration

Tracing and Expiration Data Management

  • Shelf-life and expiry date management
  • Tracking for vendor recalls
  • Tracking by vendor lot

Location Capacity Management

  • Location capacity evaluation by volume and quantity


  • Multi-bin Crystal Reports
  • Stock status, valuation, replenishment, audit trail
  • Warehouse and product line on/off settings

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