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In the spirit of working smarter not harder, we’ve put together a quick post that contains a list of the best shortcut keys in Sage Intacct.

You’ll find more than 40 shortcuts on the list; here are a handful of the ones I think are most useful:

  • Alt D + Alt Enter: Duplicates your Sage Intacct session in another window
  • M: Takes you to the beginning of the current month (type M again to go to the beginning of prior month)
  • Ctl + Home: Displays the calendar
  • Ctl + R + Shift: Reloads page from server (Bypasses browser cache)
  • Tab: Moves the cursor from the current field to the next field

Let us know your favorites or if we’ve missed any! Let’s put an end to unnecessary tedious manual efforts and focus on a quicker way for you to navigate more efficiently.

We hope that you found this article helpful, click here to download all our shortcuts.

This article was originally posted here.