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Is disaster recovery planning part of your vocabulary, or are you hiding your head in the sand, saying “that’ll never happen?” Ignoring potential disasters could devastate your operation. Safety first is a good motto, and companies that are committed to this in the workplace need to also prepare for the unexpected when it comes to data.

Tips to create a good disaster recover play:

  • Recognize you need a plan. Prioritize disaster preparedness and make time to develop a plan. If you created a plan years ago, dust it off and make sure it’s up to date. Don’t have a plan? Here are a few samples to look over to get you started.
  • Identify your resources. Once a plan is outlined, look for the best tools to support your warehouse management procedures.
  • Test, test, test: Writing a plan down is very different than knowing the plan works. Evaluate the plan’s effectiveness based on realistic scenarios.
  • Review your plan. Change is happening every day. Be sure to review your disaster plan every 6 months and revise it to accommodate new technology, emergency contacts, and equipment.

Recovering from a disaster is often a long-term process. With the right advance preparation, you can reduce the time it takes to recover from a disaster and resume business as usual.

Protect Your Warehouse Operations

When you oversee the warehouse, there are many moving parts. Scanco is in the business of making your job easier. If you’d like friendly, expert advice in a free consultation, contact Scanco. Our warehouse management team has helped to increase our clients’ productivity and efficiency for nearly 30 years, and we’re happy to help you sort through your warehouse options and requirements for your growing business.