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When you need to track employee time, perhaps against jobs, directly into payroll, but do not wish to invest in an expensive time-keeping solution,  then the TimeCard module is a must have. Most companies set up one computer and have the TimeCard module always running.  From there employees either swipe a keyboard wedge with a bar-coded employee badge or simply enter their time.

Time can be tracked in multiple ways (daily, weekly, etc.) without affecting the payroll data entry files.  Once payroll is ready to be processed, simply click the Import TimeCard Data button and the time is turned into payroll data by employee.  TimeCard stamps each entry with the correct pay rate from each employee’s file.

When used with the Job Cost module, the Time Card module collects the job and the cost code.

Some of the benefits of TimeCard are:

  • Saves money on expensive time-keeping hardware
  • Integrates directly with Job Cost and Payroll
  • Tracks vacation, sick leave, and move
  • Secure access to sensitive data
  • User-defined shifts

Some of the TimeCard Reports are:

  • Time and Attendance Report
  • Certified Payroll Report
  • Hourly and Salary Tracking Report
  • TimeCard History Report

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