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Warehouse automation technology is developing at a rapid clip, with new developments improving inventory management and operations throughout many industries. Some of the exciting developments in warehouse automation technology include:

  1. Self-driving vehicles that can operate around people: Warehouse automation includes self-propelled vehicles that pick items using robotic scanners. The original automated vehicles had to run on a track, like a monorail or a railway car, and could not operate around people due to safety concerns. They also required inventory to be shelved at a specific height—for example, at two feet—so that the barcode scanners could read them easily and the robotic mechanism could pick. Newer robotic vehicles, equipped with sensors, can navigate independently so they aren’t tied to a track system and can operate around people safely. They can also navigate vertical spaces, enabling them to reach and scan higher shelves with ease.
  2. Movable shelves: Why should people have to climb ladders to reach inventory? New rotating shelving units move the product to the people instead. Enter the order into a central console and the rack system shifts to bring the goods to you.
  3. Integration with ERP systems: Scanco Warehouse for Sage 100 ERP integrates warehouse automation with the ERP system database to double check orders and shipments, provide real-time inventory updates, and much more. Systems that integrate with Acumatica and other ERP programs are also available from Scanco for the ultimate in warehouse automation.

Warehouse automation provides many benefits and, with updated technology, few drawbacks. To learn more about Scanco Warehouse for Sage 100 ERP and products that integrate warehouse operations with ERP systems, contact us today!