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The ABC’s of ACI (June)



Acronym for: Enterprise Resource Planning

Definition: a process used by companies to integrate and manage the important parts of their business. Examples of ERP integration include: planning, purchasing inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, etc.

Ex. Sentences

Tom: Wouldn’t it be awesome if a single heroic company in the Southern California area could move all ERP to one software, allowing for a painless and hassle-free integration experience?

Eliza: Hey, Tom, I think we should give ACI Consulting a call! 




Contraction for: Internet Accounting

Definition: a modern cloud-based accounting software that combines the simplicity of the cloud with the power of sophisticated accounting software

Ex. Sentences

Tom: Is it a mere pipe dream to believe that one day accounting software could combine world-class infrastructure, anytime/anywhere productivity, and top of the line security to improve our accounting process in a cost-effective manner?

Eliza: That’s no pipe dream, Tom! Sage Intacct, sold by ACI Consulting, is the solution you’re looking for!

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