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Sales tax can be a tricky business. ACI Consulting is here to help.

Rate calculation? Exemption certificates? File forms? Remit Payments? Sale tax compliance involves a complex process given to human error and oversight. Turning complexity into simplicity, ACI Consulting offers an automated, customizable software solution for your business, one that will diminish audit risk and help you stay in the black.

What we offer:

  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Intuitive and seamless integration with over 100 existing ERP
  • Accounting, e-commerce, and retail POS systems
  • Real-time calculations based on current sales and use tax rules
  • Up-to-date sourcing code, product taxability, and jurisdiction assignment

Audits happen. Let ACI Consulting help you protect your business. Offering best-in-class calculation and reporting, transaction history and on-demand reporting, we help your business become audit-ready so that  you will be capable of handling whatever the tax authorities throw at you.

Consumer Use Tax Administration With ACI Consulting

Consumer use tax errors are on the rise. More and more, auditors are examining use of tangible personal property as sources of untapped revenue. Not otherwise subject to sales tax, tangible personal property nonetheless applies to your business, and ACI Consulting can help you protect these interests.

The risk of manually calculating and filing consumer use tax grows higher each year as the compliance environment increases in complexity. Any human error puts your business at risk of audit. High-risk industries in which transactions cross jurisdiction boundaries—manufacturing, retail, distribution, medical, dental, contract services, hospitality—find themselves even more exposed to audits. ACI Consulting brings industry-leading expertise to protect all of your business’s interests.

Here’s how we solve your consumer use tax scenarios:

  • For-resale inventory purchasing for use by your business
  • Using out-of state vendors to supply non-saleable items
  • Adapting to fluctuating rules across jurisdictions

ACI Consulting: Global Leaders, Global Solutions

Outsourcing essential business roles like payroll and tax filing makes financial sense for your business. Yet, with outsourcing comes risk. When transactions take on a global reach, crossing borders and currencies, calculation and filing take on even greater complexity. With greater complexity comes greater risk for error and audits. ACI Consulting offers knowledge and solutions to help your business navigate global indirect tax situations and rules:

  • U.S. sales to EU companies or consumers
  • Intra-EU transactions
  • EU sales to companies or consumers in the U.S.
  • EU companies owning subsidiaries in the U.S.

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