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Manage your business anytime, anywhere on any device.

Cloud-based solutions are becoming increasingly mainstream as security and reliability are regularly improving. These solutions are easy to deploy, use and manage. And, in many cases, represent a lower total cost of ownership.

Here are key benefits to a cloud-based approach:


Cloud-based systems do not require a capital expenditure for hardware/servers as they are managed by a solution provider. Your internal IT staff requirements are minimized because service, maintenance and backups are handled automatically by your cloud provider. If you are a small or growing business, cloud-based solutions are an easy and less expensive way to get up and running quickly. As you contemplate growth, cloud solutions are easier and less expensive to expand to multiple locations.

Upgrades & Expansion

With cloud-based solutions, system maintenance is not an issue for which you need to be concerned as updates occur automatically and are performed by your cloud provider. Expansions are much easier as adding locations can be handled without the need for on-site installing hardware or implementation.

Performance & Access

To survive (and prosper), cloud solutions must provide good service and support. Plus, they offer increased redundancy, backups, and performance guarantees. A key benefit to cloud solutions is that they are available on devices anytime and anywhere. This is especially helpful if you have a mobile workforce.


Sage Business Cloud solutions have the highest standard of security in the industry.

Learn about Sage Business Cloud-based solutions offered through ACI Consulting:

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