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Reduce excess inventory and working capital with ACI Consulting’s help!

Do you find that you have too much inventory? Not enough? Or is too much of your cash tied up in your inventory? Let ACI Consulting help you! We have been bringing convenient and efficient inventory planning software programs to companies for over 25 years. We bring to you Sage ERP Inventory Advisor, an affordable cloud solution that helps companies reduce excess inventory, working capital, and stock outs.

Sage Inventory Advisor connects to your current Sage ERP data to analyze your inventory, suggest future needs, and reduce the time spent on manual tasks. It is easy to use, cost effective, and can be set up and used in just hours.

This intuitive program is compatible with the most popular Sage ERP systems, including Sage 100, 300 ERP, 500 ERP, and ERP X3 systems. It reduces the need for manually importing and exporting data and analyzes inventory data for forecasting, replenishment, and order and supplier management. Sage Inventory Advisor works seamlessly with your current Sage Inventory Management and Inventory Control modules to provide dynamic forecasting and planning capabilities.

Sage ERP Inventory Advisor offers the following to businesses:

• Anytime, anywhere access.
• Eliminate the need for local server installation
• Offers worry-free updates and maintenance
• Security using PGP data encryption/decryption

Statistics speak! The benefits of Sage ERP Inventory Advisor include:

• Lower excess inventory by 10-15%
• Lower working capital and free up to 15-20% of cash tied into inventory
• Improve fill rates by 2-10% and eliminate stock-outs
• Reduce time spent on forecasting by up to 50%

Sage ERP Inventory Advisor boasts the following state-of-the-art features:

• User Interface: both the web and mobile versions are easy to learn and use.
• Dashboard: offers visibility to critical financial information such as stock holding, stock outs, potential stock outs, and excess stock/surplus orders.
• Inventory Forecasting: lets you plan for future orders and see lists of your top over- and under-forecasted items.
• Inventory Monitoring: offers early warning of stock-outs, potential stock-outs, or surplus orders.
• Classification Matrix: groups merchandise into nine color-coded categories based on velocity (times sold), quantity sold/consumed, and value of sales/consumption, allowing you to quickly focus on important items.
• Ordering Schedule: shows what to order and when.
• Order Management: provides view of suggested new orders by supplier.
• Interactive Reports: offers important and detailed information to help optimize inventory.

Contact ACI Consulting today at (714) 282-0378 to get started. We can answer any questions you may have.

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