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Sage HRMS & HRMS Payroll Software

Sage HRMS and Sage HRMS Payroll

What are Sage HRMS and Sage HRMS Payroll?
ACI Consulting understands that for many business owners, the human resource aspect of operating a company is daunting, and rightly so. Employee relations, payroll, benefits, and labor and wage laws can be overwhelming to someone who isn’t trained in this specialized field.

If your company is struggling in this area, Sage HRMS is your software solution. ACI Consulting offers this solution, an industry-leading, fully-customizable HRMS software program that helps companies to efficiently run the HR side of their business as well as maximize their Return On Employee Investment (ROEI)™.

This revolutionary program was designed and developed by seasoned HR professionals, those who know and understand the frustration of an inadequate software system. Thus, Sage HRMS was built to work for you and your company. Sage HRMS boasts a set of features and functionality that increase efficiency and improve productivity at every level in the organization.


Sage HRMS (HR Management System)

ACI Consulting offers Sage’s dependable, efficient, and affordable HRMS because it supplies everything you will ever need in an HR management system. This comprehensive suite consists of benefits administration; time-off and absence tracking; sophisticated import and export functions; and compliance reporting needs, amongst other functions. Not only is important information only a click away with our quick and adaptable user interface, but your daily tasks and processes were taken into consideration when it was built. Discretion and privacy protection are of utmost importance in HR; therefore, the highly developed security options let you control who can access or view sensitive information.

Sage HRMS Extensions:

Sage Employee Self Service

Sage Benefits Enrollment

Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger

Sage HRMS OrgPlus

Sage HRMS HR Actions® by Delphia Consulting

Sage HRMS Alerts and Workflow by VineyardsoftSAP Crystal Dashboard Design® for Sage HRMS

For more information on these Sage Extensions, please contact us today.

Sage HRMS Payroll

If you want to retain hardworking, happy employees, then an accurate and timely payroll system is extremely important. Sage HRMS allows you to process accurate, timely payroll—all without having to hire an external company. ACI Consulting will help you understand this user-friendly system that allows you to control and monitor your payroll process and any sensitive payroll data from the comfort of your own desk. Limitless trial payrolls, on-demand and retroactive check processing, and unlimited direct deposits make your company’s payroll processing a breeze. In addition, we’ll keep you up-to-date on ever-changing tax laws through quarterly updates, including tax tables.

For more information on the Sage Payroll PayCard, contact ACI Consulting today!

Sage HRMS Talent Management by Cornerstone OnDemand

Sage HRMS Talent Management is a modern, efficient program designed to deliver Return on Employee Investment (ROEI) to your business. Targeted at small to midsized, growth-oriented companies, our program provides your employees with a state-of-the-art, on-demand talent management solution. Whether you need to undertake a training project, automate performance reviews, or roll out a social networking community for your business, Sage HRMS Talent Management can meet your challenges with its powerful and flexible user interface. Let Sage HRMS Talent Management help you expand your business, person by person and need by need.

Learn more about Sage HRMS Talent Management 

Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter

If your company is drowning in all of the paperwork, phone calls, and miscommunications that are inherent during the hiring process, then Sage HRMS is the solution for you. Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter is an applicant-tracking and recruiting software that allows for effective communication between hiring managers, recruiters, and applicants during the recruiting process. We streamline the process by providing a user interface that allows those with access to see where applicants are in the hiring process. The program is web-based, able to be molded to your needs, and paperless. Let Sage help your organization find the best applicants and quickly fill open positions.

Learn more about Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter 

Sage Time and Attendance by Insperity™

Attendance and labor are probably two of the biggest obstacles facing businesses. Tracking, reporting, and collecting information about employees can be difficult when the information is not kept in one central location, or when employees work with several different managers. Sage Time and Attendance allows you to view your employee’s attendance and labor history so that you can take control of your workforce. The best part? It’s all online and in real-time. Sage Time and Attendance seamlessly integrates your processes with Sage HRMS, making your HR management package complete.

Learn more about Sage Time and Attendance

Sage Business Care

Protect and extend your software investment with support from Sage Business Care. This comprehensive plan allows you to receive new features, enhancements, timely technical help, and other benefits. Continue your journey with Sage and maximize the value of your Sage HRMS now and in the future.

Sage University

Sage offers training options designed to fit into any busy schedule. Whether you learn better in a classroom environment or by going at your own pace, our classes offer insider tips and expert advice in Sage HRMS. For those who want the classroom experience but are too busy, we also provide a Virtual Classroom—a collaborative learning experience—all online and from the comfort of your own office.

Sage Professional Services Group (PSG)

PSG assists with installation, training, data conversion, implementation, and other special projects. Our experienced technicians will help with complex installations and customizations, allowing you to realize the full benefits of Sage HRMS and Payroll Solutions in a quick and timely manner.

Sage Career Enhancement Training

If you’re ready to get started with Sage, we recommend Sage Career Enhancement Training for your employees. It affords a high-quality training system for employees, organized into one place. Help your employees sharpen their IT skills, develop their leadership capability, and increase their productivity. Your new and improved workforce will have unlimited access to the content they need, anytime, anywhere.

ACI Consulting is here to help you master Sage HRMS so your business remains a forward-thinking company providing the best in human resources management. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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