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DocLink by Altec

DocLink by Altec

Brought to you by ACI Consulting, DocLink software is a document management and process automation solution that works with your business system to successfully remove paper from your office, so you can manage processes and transactions digitally to provide you with increased efficiency, visibility and control.

  • Eliminate paper-based bottlenecks like AP invoice and contract approvals
  • Simplify processes by customizing forms (expense reports, credit card statements, HR onboarding, new vendor requests, etc.)
  • Increase control and visibility of transactions while eliminating key strokes
  • Automate the delivery of ANY documents and associated data from ANY department to customers, vendors, partners
  • Allow users to retrieve, edit and approve documents instantly and easily, from any device (mobile, web)

Why Document Management?

From a financial and environmental perspective, the cost of processing, handling, and storing paper documents in the workplace is astonishing. Improper storage or loss of important documents can devastate a business.

As the Sage-endorsed Document Management Solution, DocLink by Altec allows companies to go paperless to work more effectively. Eliminate costs associated with storing, printing and sending paper documents and save time that is normally spent waiting for approvals or searching for documents. Documents are stored electronically in the repository where they can be easily retrieved, routed for approval and automatically outputted in the preferred format. And with the Smart Form Toolkit, you can customize your own dynamic forms to minimize data entry and streamline processes like Expense Reporting, HR Onboarding, Credit Card Processing, and New Vendor Requests – just to name a few!

The statistics below speak to the impact that paper has on companies and why many are moving to an electronic document management solution such as DocLink.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

  • 90% of critical business information exists only on paper.
  • 90% of documents used daily are handled without the appropriate management.
  • 70% of businesses would fail within three weeks if they suffered a catastrophic loss of paper-based records due to fire or flood. -Coopers & Lybrand

Cost Savings/Productivity Enhancement

  • 1 in 4 businesses will suffer a catastrophic loss. -U.S. department of labor
  • Professionals spend 50% of their time searching for information and an average 18 minutes to locate each document. -Gartner Research
  • $14,000 worth of productivity is lost per employee each year because of an inability to find the data required to do a job. -IDC Canada
  • 90% of typical office tasks still revolve around the gathering and distribution of paper documents.
  • 15% of all papers are lost and 30% of work time is used trying to find these lost documents.
  • On average, businesses spend $25,000 to fill a typical four-drawer file cabinet and $2,000 to maintain it each year.
  • Over its life span, a single sheet of paper ends up costing an average of $30. -Delphi Group
  • US companies spend approximately $20 on labor costs in order to file a document, $120 on the labor required to find a misfiled document and $220 to reproduce a lost document.
  • For companies that manage their own files, employees spend between 20-40% of their time searching for said files.
  • When a document is lost, companies pay 6 times the original value of the document in searching for it.
  • If a document needs to be reproduced, it will cost the company 11 times more than the cost of the original document.
  • 7% of all generated documents are lost.
  • The average document is copied 19 times. -Coopers & Lybrand
  • Up to 20% of documents are misfiled; thus they are lost forever. -ARMA International
  • Each day one billion photocopies are made. -AIIM, Forrester, Star Securities, US Department of Labor

Environmental/Social Responsibility – Go Green!

  • An average American office worker uses 1 sheet of paper approximately every 12 minutes and is responsible for the disposal of 100-200 pounds of paper annually. -Hawken, Lovins & Lovins. Natural Capitalism.
  • Among U.S. manufacturing industries, the paper industry is the 4th largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.
  • If each office in the U.S. reduced paper usage by just 10%, it would prevent the emission of 1.6 million tons of greenhouse gasses—the equivalent of removing 280,000 cars from the road. -Environmental Paper Network.

When you take paper out of the equation, and you’re equipped with the right tools, the opportunities for improved efficiencies are endless! Whether it’s the AP process, sales order processing, HR On-boarding, expense reports – you name it and we can show you how to do it more effectively and help you go paperless to streamline your business processes throughout your enterprise.

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