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Sage Billing and Payments

Sage Billing & Payments

Today’s on-the-go culture demands that businesses stay current with the technology. Though it can be difficult for businesses to keep up as technology changes from day to day, it is imperative they do so in order to gain an edge on the competition. That’s why ACI Consulting offers Sage Billing & Payment, a mobile solution for companies who have one or several employees that work in the field, from home, or both. This simple solution will allow your mobile employees to access resources while on sales calls, in the office, or at their local coffee shop. Don’t let technology get in the way of your bottom line!

Improve your invoicing cycle with Sage Billing & Payment, a web-based program that automates and simplifies accounts receivable functions, thus reducing the time it takes to receive funds. In addition, expedite receipt delivery by sending electronic instead of paper ones. Improve customer satisfaction by offering your customers an online portal to manage their account and make payments.

Sage Billing and Payment allows you to:

  • Offer the option of electronic invoices and payments to your customers
  • Decrease the cost of sending out paper invoices by more than 90%
  • Lower the time and expense of filling out and storing paper invoices
  • Deliver invoices in two days and receive payments faster than receiving paper checks

If you have mobile employees and would like to keep them current on today’s technology—and thus raise your bottom line—contact ACI Consulting today to get started! A simple phone call could mean a higher profit for you!

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