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The General Ledger module is one of only two Sage 100 (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and MAS 200)  required modules (Library Master being the other required module).  Loaded with features, the General Ledger starts with configurable options screens where historical settings can be entered.  The chart of accounts allows up to 10 segments and 32 characters.

Budgets are entered against accounts and budget versus actual can readily be seen on account.  One of the best features of the General Ledger is the ability to re-open years and periods (security-permitting of course).  Sixteen standard reports are included, and since all Sage 100 reports are designed using Crystal Reports, they can all be modified to specific requirements.  Some of the included reports are:

  • Trial Balance
  • Financial Statements
  • Detail Transactions
  • Budget and History by Period
  • Account Audit

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