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Whether you need to manage hundreds of assets or hundreds of thousands of assets, Sage 100 Fixed Assets (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and MAS 200),  has the right solution.  Through a comprehensive toolset and sophisticated, compliant reporting, Sage Fixed Assets is used to calculate depreciation and Section 179 expenses, handling up to 7 books with departmental and multiple location abilities.  The main grid of Sage Fixed Assets is built upon rows and columns, making the transition from Excel seamless.

Manage your fixed assets easily from acquisition to disposal, customize the screens and tabs, and post depreciation to the General Ledger.  Run projected deprecation calculations, and form an electronic filing cabinet with places to input vendor, insurance, serial number, and other asset-critical fields.

Sage Fixed Assets solutions eliminates redundant data entry by integrating into your Sage ERP system.  Deprecation posts to the General Ledger and federal forms for depreciation are readily accessible.

With Sage Deprecation, you are empowered to manage the entire life-cycle of each fixed asset.  You will eliminate multiple Excel spreadsheets and stay focused within the SQL database (or choose the non-SQL database).  Sage Depreciation is flexible with every field being configurable.  Security is maintained to allow as little or as much access as needed.

Enjoy the many standard reports that typically provide more than enough functionality or add on the optional report writer module to allow complete customization of new reports.


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