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Imagine what it would be like to improve customer service, increase revenue, and make better business decisions—all on a regular and consistent basis.

Take a second to really think about it. What would it look like for your company? How would it affect your bottom line? The future of the company? Your future? Are you getting excited about it? Well, you should be! What if there was a software system that could help you achieve these outcomes? Oh, wait, there is…

Sage 100 was designed to provide those benefits to your company, allowing you to have a stronger and broader presence in areas like Orange County and Los Angeles.

The Sage 100 business software allows you to access the data you need—when you need it—by storing your all-important business details on-premises and in the cloud. You can literally access your data anywhere, allowing you to provide better customer service and keep precise records, which permits you to accurately analyze future business decisions.

Data about individual clients can be analyzed and tracked, providing you with the information necessary to maintain loyal and consistent business. Loyal customers translate into increased sales and revenue for your company. You will also have company inventory available anywhere for your sales representatives to view, allowing them to provide up-to-date information to make the sale. The benefit of utilizing Sage 100 for your company is that it will keep your business one step ahead of your competition, and we know that the competition is fierce in Orange County and Los Angeles.

Customers love using Sage 100 to help them run their businesses. Yard House, an upscale eatery based in Long Beach, CA, has been using Sage 100 since they opened their second restaurant, and everyone within the company loves it. With its ease of use and numerous benefits and functions, a restaurant that now operates nine locations is glad to have Sage 100 working for them. They appreciate the ability to track inventory, manage their payroll, and analyze their profit-and-loss calculations. These tasks can use a lot of valuable time that could be spent completing other projects that would further benefit and expand your business. Help your managers and employees streamline their work process by implementing Sage 100 at your business.

Everything you need to know about your company is at your fingertips when using Sage 100. The possibilities are endless when deriving reports and filtering data to get a better understanding of what is happening in the day to day of your business operations. Investing in Sage 100 sets your business up for continued success. By doing so, this innovative software program gives you the tools needed to expand your business beyond Southern California with confidence.