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In today’s market, building and maintaining a database of information is key in the management of a business.

Part of this maintenance is the ability to quickly and easily pull information and write informative reports. ACI Consulting offers training and tailored report writing for the entire line of Sage products.

ACI Consulting Report Writers can help you transform your data into an easy-to-understand, useful report. Even with the top data management system, your needs will continue to change. Sage’s custom reporting function allows for you to use your existing system, even if your needs evolve.

There are two fantastic solutions for Report writing that ACI Consulting recommends:

Crystal Reports

The Dependable Reporting Tool for Sage Software Products

SAP™ Crystal Reports® is the dependable reporting tool for Sage Software Products. There are hundreds of customizable reports and forms provided to you which makes implementation easy and reliable. Also, you now have the ability to customize the system to closely mimic and match your reporting needs the way you want them. This allows you to create useful data reports quickly and easily. ACI Consulting will help you use these reports right out of the box or modify them to meet your needs. You can then save and run them anytime.

Presentation-Quality Reporting Done Right

ACI Consulting will help you create and modify presentation-quality reports from your Sage Software data using Crystal Decisions software. Crystal Reports is a powerful report writer that allows you to create informative reports as quick as you need them.

Nearly Unlimited Custom Reports

Match your reports to the look and feel of your brand by controlling the font, size, and color. You can also modify the layout by inserting lines, borders and shading as needed. Enrich your reports with powerful pictures, diagrams, and logos that further your reputation and brand. Use tables and graphs to communicate financial data with ease. Expand each section with additional reporting behind the scenes when detailed questions are asked.

Sage Business Intelligence

Sage Intelligence from ACI Consulting

Sage Business Intelligence is the unique and powerful reporting tool that is both easy to teach and easy to use. This new module empowers you to quickly gather the info needed for better operations and planning. Inspired by Microsoft® Excel®, the Sage Business Intelligence module allows you to effortlessly create reports that can be analyzed, improving visibility and organization communications.

Designed and Priced for All Businesses

ACI Consulting recommends the Access Strategically Meaningful Information because it is simply one of the finest reporting machines on the market. Customization and personalization of each template are available, simple and straightforward for numerous users. This not only allows our clients to increase their productivity, but it also saves operating time and money. Sage Business Intelligence also works to minimize or completely eliminate the need to for manual report preparation, repetitive data inquiries, and complicated back-end data diagnosis.

If your company would like to spend more useful time focused on strategic planning and implementation, and less time gathering data together from stale reports, contact ACI Consulting today.


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