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3 Keys to Choosing the Right Value-Added Reseller

If you’re reading this, you already know that your business needs a value-added reseller (VAR) to help you select and implement the right accounting and business management software solutions. Now comes the hard part: choosing the right VAR. 

Here are three tips to help you choose a VAR that will be a true partner to your business and an extension of your team. 

Tip 1: Look Closely at Experience

Needless to say, you want an experienced VAR, but be sure to look beyond the number of years the VAR has been in business. You also want to know how experienced the VAR is in your industry specifically and with the technologies and solutions you’re interested in implementing. 

Just because a VAR has been around 20 years doesn’t mean they have the specific experience you’re looking for. Also be sure to find out who you’ll be working with most often, and ask about their experience and technical expertise.  

Tip #2: Determine How Much Flexibility You Need

Large VARs typically have stringent processes in place for their clients, and they usually offer turnkey solutions that can provide comfort and assurance. If you’re looking for more flexibility, with solutions and processes that are tailored to your business needs, a smaller VAR might be a better choice.  

Tip #3: Consider the Personal Touch

Another key difference between large and boutique VARs is that larger firms are usually more hands-off. That may be exactly what you want — an efficient VAR that does its job without hand-holding. 

If, instead, you want a long-term relationship with your VAR, a boutique firm is likely to be a better choice because you will get the personal touch, often including direct access to the owner or other executives. Boutique firms typically pride themselves on being trusted advisors who can provide objective insights to ensure that your business processes remain as efficient as possible. 


About ACI Consulting

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