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ACI Consulting Brings You Sage 100 Job Cost Software

Are you looking for a program that can track job costing for you?

Do you need a solution that will enhance your ability to manage job profitability?

Look no further! ACI Consulting presents a robust program that offers management reporting, advanced accounting capabilities, flexibility, and employer control: the Job Cost module for Sage 100. Specifically developed for general contractors, subcontractors, architects, and engineers in construction and project-oriented industries, this program will help you get a handle on today’s competitive market and tight profit margins.

Track cost and revenue information down to the smallest details—for every job and project, whether it be big or small.

This Sage 100 module includes:

  • Project Estimating
  • Billing
  • Time and Materials
  • Built-in Invoicing.
  • Real-Time Status Reports

Job Cost allows you to choose from an industry-standard material and labor cost database or to customize one to fit your unique needs. You can use these databases to create proposals and estimates. After your bid is accepted, effortlessly transfer estimate information to set up budgets for the new job. Once the job begins, you can compare actual costs to budget costs, allowing for profit increasing adjustments to be made throughout the life of the job. Job Cost can handle all billing functions whether you invoice upon completion or a percentage of a job.

The Sage 100 Job Cost module seamlessly assimilates with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Time Card, Inventory Management, Sales Order, Purchase Order, and General Ledger to guarantee your ability to share common information. In addition, adding Business Alerts can notify your staff of daily changes in the business. The key to your success is controlling costs.

Advanced Sage 100 Job Cost features include:

  • Flexible Job Numbering: use up to seven characters per job, or break large job into “subjobs.”
  • Flexible Job Codes: phases, steps, or other categories can be selected using up to nine characters in three segments.
  • Flexible Cost Types: each cost code can be detailed with up to 12 user-designated cost types, such as labor, overhead, materials, and more.
  • Percentage Completion or Completed Contract: both of these accounting methods can be used for any job. Percentage completion recognizes the revenue and cost of sale at the time a job is billed. With a completed contract, the revenue and cost of sales are not recognized until the job is finished.
  • Time and Materials Invoices: print invoices with cost detail information on standard or user-designated custom invoice forms, in batch form or individually, and for fixed contract jobs.
  • Contract and Subcontract History: contract information is saved to show the initial contract amounts and any change orders, which can also be tracked for each subcontractor and job.
  • Job Transaction Detail Report: transaction detail is provided for all postings for each job. The information can be saved for the duration of the job or summarized monthly.
  • Subcontractor Analysis Report: print contract and cost detail, trace lien amounts and release dates, and obtain a detailed history of cost postings and payments for each subcontractor.
  • Accounts Receivable Integration: invoices can be entered, printed, and updated to Accounts Receivable and retention monitored for each customer.
  • Accounts Payable and Purchase Order Integration: expense invoices directly to jobs, monitor retention for each subcontractor, and enter job cost information for open purchase orders.
  • Payroll and TimeCard Integration: expense wages directly to jobs, post labor expenses by employee or summarize by pay period, and print a certified payroll report.
  • Inventory Management Integration: costs connected to materials allocated to a job can be directly posted through transaction history.
  • Sales Order Integration: quickly create new jobs using pre-defined job types and assign sales order invoices to existing or new jobs by cost code and cost classification.

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