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Customized IT and Programming Services From ACI Consulting

ACI Consulting offers the best-in-class IT services across Southern California. Our expertise and professionalism are unparalleled, and whether your business relies on PC or MAC environments, our IT specialists have the answers for all your business’s computing questions, problems, and needs. Our IT services are highly customizable, and we cater to your unique demands and budgetary constraints.

Keep Your Data Secure With ACI Consulting  

At ACI Consulting, we care about your data security as much as you do. Customer contact info, inventory details, financial documents: your data lies at the heart of your business’s success and you can’t afford to leave it unprotected.  ACI Consulting takes great pride in keeping your data and your business safe.

Small, Medium, or Large, ACI Consulting Has Your Business Covered

Offering hourly services or managed services customized to your precise demands, ACI Consulting’s technical support comes packaged for your business, ready to adapt to your changing needs. We make protecting your data easy and affordable.

Managed IT With ACI Consulting

At ACI Consulting, we hire only seasoned IT experts to manage your systems and keep them fine-tuned for efficiency and peak performance. With ACI Consulting managing your IT demands, we free you up to focus on what matters most: running your business and turning profits. Please tell us more about your Managed IT Services Needs, here.


When your computers don’t perform, your employees can’t either. Without your employees’ diligent labor, your customers are left in the lurch. ACI Consulting helps keep all the wheels turning through aggressive, proactive IT measures meant to keep your computers up and running without incident. When problems do arise, we offer fast and efficient service, getting you and your business back in the game in no time.

Servers and Networks

Your servers lie at the very heart of your business network, and your network ties the disparate parts of your business together. If they fail, your clients wait and your business suffers. ACI Consulting keeps your servers and networks in action by heading off problems before they start.

Contact us to find out more about how our IT experts can manage your technologies and safeguard your business against money-draining outages.

Hourly IT with ACI Consulting

IT demands can swing wildly from minor issues to major disasters. While your business’ in-house IT staff might have the know-how and resources to tackle some problems, others demand additional help. ACI Consulting offers an array of hourly IT services that will help your business get back up and running quickly without breaking the bank. Whether it is a short-term assignment or a large project that requires additional expert help, ACI Consulting has the hourly solution.

From support specialists to network engineers, our seasoned staff possesses the tools and the knowledge to solve your IT problems and bring your business back on line. Contact us to learn more about our hourly IT solutions.

ACI Consulting Takes the Stress Out of IT

With industry-leading IT technicians and years of proven success, ACI Consulting eliminates the stress and confusion that comes from doing IT in-house. We find the hiccups in your systems before they become problems, and we take preventive measures that will protect your systems from new and emerging threats. Are you in the Orange County, CA area and in need of managed or hourly IT services? Let ACI Consulting future-proof your business technologies. Call us for more info on how we can streamline and protect your systems and data.

Database Design and Consulting

Does your business require expert database design and consulting? ACI Consulting offers unsurpassed database services including: Microsoft SQL Server, Access, MySQL, as well as cloud-based and custom solutions.

Consulting When and Where You Need It

Whatever your precise needs, ACI Consulting will work with your business to customize your database solutions. On-site or remote? Around the clock? When and where you need us, we will be there to offer you our best-in-class services.

Our Expert Solutions

  • Around the clock SQL server administration and monitoring
  • Database fine-tuning for improved performance and stability
  • Around the clock access to certified DBAs
  • Reduced database admin costs

Our Industry Leading DBAs Offer

  • Database projects and assessments
  • Database troubleshooting
  • Cloud-based database services and solutions
  • Database maintenance and backups
  • Performance fine-tuning
  • Database virtualization, consolidation and replication
  • Database security
  • Database upgrade and migration

Long-term or short-term, building from the ground up or fine-tuning a pre-existing system, ACI Consulting offers you the expert database solutions to bring your business to the next level. Contact us to find out more.

Custom SQL Programming Services

Need a top quality SQL programming team for your next software project? Look no further than our expert programmers @ ACI Consulting.

Want to increase your business’s visibility and appeal? Want to leave a lasting first impression? At ACI Consulting, we take website design seriously. Our expert team of .NET programmers creates stunning and intuitive websites that will impress your prospective customers with their polish and sophistication while guiding them to your services with their clarity and ease of use.

Taking .NET to the Next Level

ACI Consulting’s programming team showcases the leading experts in .NET. Offering solutions for intricate enterprise software, our in-house team works in close coordination with our SQL developers and database administrators.

What we offer:

  • Fast programming and building of your website in help increase your ROI
  • Seamless communication with SQL databases via multiple libraries and programming languages
  • Multi-lingual product solutions
  • Object-oriented site design
  • Ease of use
  • Simple to maintain

Why .NET?

Intuitive, dynamic, and featuring reusable code, .NET development allows for faster site building without sacrificing on quality or ease of use. Less programming time means less cost for your business. Seamlessly integrated with your SQL servers by our SQL team, .NET in ACI Consulting’s hands offers your business industry-leading database servers and information platform services. This means peak performance and peak security at a cost customized to your business.

Let ACI Consulting solve your business’s programming needs. Contact us to find out more.

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