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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Legacy Software?

Upgrading your legacy software becomes painless with Sage Intacct.


It’s tempting to stick with legacy accounting and financial management software—those tried-and-true solutions you’ve relied on for years. But as your business grows and changes, the legacy software that used to serve you well will eventually hold you back, forcing you to work harder than your competitors, with less visibility, scalability, and efficiency.   

The difficult question is not if but when to upgrade to best-in-class software like Sage Intacct. For help deciding when to upgrade, consider these three signs that your legacy software is holding your business back.

Are You Struggling to Support Remote Workers?

Support remote workers with cloud-native solutions.


The pandemic-led shift to remote work has created a challenge for businesses with legacy software that was designed to support traditional office work. Conversely, Sage Intacct is a cloud-native solution that was built from the ground up to provide secure, 24/7 access from any device located anywhere with internet access.

Beyond simply providing remote access, Sage Intacct boosts productivity by enabling approved team members to drill into dashboards, charts, reports, and other real-time data. Businesses can also implement automated processes and shortcuts that can be performed remotely, including requisitions and approvals. 

Are You Able to Integrate the Additional Software You Need?

Easy integration makes software work for you.


When legacy software lacks features and capabilities for growing businesses, they have to add—or try to add—additional software solutions. The problem is that integrations can be difficult to implement, and some aren’t even possible.

Sage Intacct is different. Its web services API makes it easy to integrate with other best-in-class cloud systems such as BILL and Salesforce. You can also integrate Sage Intacct with custom applications and with preconfigured solutions available through the Sage Intacct Marketplace. Instead of choosing from a limited menu of integration options, businesses get to choose the software they want to use, and get up and running fast.

Is Your Software Struggling to Keep Up with Business Growth?

The road to productivity begins with Sage Intacct.


Legacy software may have been good enough when your business was small, but as the size and complexity of your business grows, you might find that your legacy software’s limitations create costly bottlenecks that take valuable time away from business-critical tasks.

Sage Intacct provides the scalability growing businesses need, with multi-entity and multi-location capabilities, as well as extensive customization options for reports and dashboards. You can also automate processes to keep labor and IT costs low, even as the complexity of your business increases.


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