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In early September, ACI Consulting visited the Small Business Expo in Los Angeles. While there, ACI team members Jesse and Eddie spoke with dozens of small business owners about their organizations and how Sage Intacct can improve their accounts. sat down with Jesse and Eddie for a discussion about their experience.

ACI: First thing’s first. What did you guys do at the expo?

Jesse: We spoke to people about the importance of Sage Intacct and how transformational the product can potentially be for their businesses.

ACI: What was your goal while attending?

Eddie: The goal was to be a resource for those who are currently struggling with their business management systems.

Jesse: We wanted to meet people who are on the lookout for strong accounting systems. We were also hoping to meet individuals who had a need for stronger reporter and visibility for their data.

ACI: How did you connect with others at the event?

Eddie: We connected by not being “sales people.” We had a genuine interest in talking with people and hearing about their organizations.

ACI: Why is connection important in this industry?

Jesse: Creating relationships is so valuable because it allows me truly understand people’s needs and wants on a the ground level. In that way, I can ensure that I not only meet their expectations, but also that they can trust us to set up their software because they know we truly want their success.

Eddie: With all the technology we rely on daily, it can be pretty easy to feel disconnected from people. Being in person and having real, live conversations is a welcome change.