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Sage 500 – Manufacturing Software


Need to future-proof your manufacturing? ACI Consulting offers Sage 500: the dynamic and versatile platform designed to set up modules to meet your business’s manufacturing needs, now and in the future. ACI Consulting has been offering Sage Software products for decades, and Sage 500 is the most versatile tool any manufacturer could possibly use.

Advanced Manufacturing – Work orders? Labor and production reporting? Shop floor visibility to efficiently track on-the-clock employees across production facilities? Does your customer service need fast and effective access to pending and fulfilled orders? Advanced Manufacturing offers the cutting edge solution. With ACI Consulting’s Sage 500, your business can identify profits and losses on a per product basis. More than that, Advanced Manufacturing can detect production bottlenecks as they happen, streamlining last-minute engineering changes and high-priority orders. (Advanced Manufacturing spec sheet – .pdf)

Advanced Planning and Scheduling – Effective and efficient production demand precise scheduling. Without advanced planning, late orders and lost customers can plague your business, leading to lost revenue. ACI Consulting’s Sage 500 sets the bar for planning and scheduling. Using advanced algorithms, Advanced Planning prevents the human errors that can cost your business. When high priority orders come in or sudden manufacturing demands arise, Sage allows precise drag and drop schedule manipulation to account for real-time changes. (Advanced Planning and Scheduling spec sheet – .pdf)

Engineering Change Management – Quality control is an essential concern for manufacturers. Sage 500 offers exact control of production costs by tracking changing labor operations, new item development, and streamlining production with newer equipment. Sage 500 integrates Engineering Change Management (ECM) with e-mail notifications, providing instant visibility and standardized approval methods for routing and bill of material changes. (Engineering Change Management spec sheet – .pdf)

Estimating – Losing money due to new parts? Losing business due to inaccurate profit estimates? Sage 500 provides detailed estimating, facilitating increased business while improving your bottom line. Factoring in materials, outside processing and labor, overhead rates, and one-time charges for tooling and engineering, Sage 500 offers precision estimates and customer quotes that give you piece of mind and increase customer confidence in your services. (Estimating spec sheet – .pdf)

Light Manufacturing/Kitting – Light Manufacturing/Advanced Kitting is the perfect product to help you manage production and kit assembly without complicated labor transactions or material issues. The streamlined manufacturing system integrates with other optional Sage 500 manufacturing modules and allows distributors, assemble-to-order industries, and other light manufacturers to concentrate on critical business issues without getting tied up in complex manufacturing processes. Traditional manufacturers may need the Advanced Manufacturing module. (Light Manufacturing / Kitting spec sheet – .pdf)

Material Requirements Planning – Understanding material and distribution requirements across the enterprise without advanced planning tools is impossible. Sage 500 uses historical data and advanced replenishment formulas to provide a clear picture of current and future material and distribution requirements. Sage 500 offers single-screen planning and up-to-date item statistics, including on-hand quantities, current purchase orders, work orders, transfer orders and other crucial elements that affect planning decisions. Purchasing and production scheduling decisions based on industry-standard practices have never been easier or more flexible. (Material Requirements Planning (MRP) spec sheet – .pdf)

Product Configurator – Need to streamline product configurations in distribution and manufacturing environments? Sage 500 is the industry leader, configuring sales orders and routings/bills of material for finished parts based on precise and customizable variables. An intuitive interface allows customer service personnel to efficiently manage configured parts and sales order entry. Need to create new items on the fly? Using customized item masks and long and short item descriptions, Sage 500 makes it easy. The Product Configurator configures item cost and suggested price at the click of your mouse. (Product Configurator spec sheet – .pdf)

Project Management for Manufacturers – Does your business manage engineering or prototype production projects? Installation or products servicing? Sage 500 Project Management solution keeps your project managers informed, equipping them with the tools necessary for profitable product management.
(Project Management for Manufacturers spec sheet – .pdf)

Shop Floor Control – Real-time labor and production reporting for online production visibility is a must for efficient manufacturing. Designed for bar code and touch-screen technology, Sage 500 supports terminal and remote handheld Windows CE device for flexibility and ease of use. Log into or out of operations manually or use built-in bar coding functionality to scan work order numbers and work order steps for automatic logins. Easily customized to include virtually any activity, maintenance function, report or inquiry you need to run your shop floor, Sage 500 offers a best in class experience.
(Shop Floor Control spec sheet – .pdf)

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