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Powerful Point of Sale (POS) Retail Transaction Software From Sage

Sage Retail Software, by ACI Consulting is the solution your business needs for real-time Point-of-Sale (POS) retail transaction management. ACI Consulting has helped hundreds of businesses through Southern California and beyond to revitalize their retail experience.

Do you want your customers to have simple transactions? Do you want your cashiers to be more efficient? Does improving your overall bottom line sound like a good idea?

The answer to those questions is “YES!” and Sage Retail Software is what will help your business achieve greater success and improve customer service all at the same time.

This software solution will manage every area of your retail organization, including:

  • Point of sale
  • Back office sales
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse / Distribution Center
  • Allocation
  • Multiple Channel / E-commerce / Kiosk billing and management
  • Data mining

Sage Retail Software by ACI Consulting will provide your business or organization with a multi-channel retail software solution, all within one dynamic system.

Step One

The process begins by seamlessly integrating all retail channels into a centralized database. This provides real-time visibility and data transparency throughout the organization.

Step Two

Once all channels are integrated, our retail store POS software—designed for one or multiple locations—is then connected to all the necessary communication and operational systems: E-Commerce website, mail and/or phone order and catalog, and warehouse and distribution department(s). When all of these components are connected and talking, you now have a complete retail software management system.

ACI Consulting has been working with clients from such diverse backgrounds as manufacturing and front-end retail sales. We work to ensure our clients are communicating and transacting the same data to ensure consistency and successful systems management. We also provide cost-effective analysis and customization based on the unique needs of each client.

Once we have helped a client achieve this level of sophistication, their operations improve, their revenue outlook is more promising, and their overall morale and corporate culture is more positive.

ACI Consulting is proud of the Sage software products it represents.  For over 25 years, we have been helping our customers improve their systems and achieve greater success. If you would like more information on how ACI Consulting can assist you with your retail software management, contact us today.

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