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Sage 500 Job Ops Software

Sage 500 (MAS500) Advanced Manufacturing, brought to you by ACI Consulting provides you with the foresight to recognize production holdups and swiftly execute last-minute changes.

The Advanced Manufacturing component allows customer service staff to view the status of an order without interrupting productivity in the warehouse. ACI Consulting understands the ability to monitor which employees are currently clocked in—in any production facility—all from the comfort of your own office sounds too good to be true, but this software allows you to do just that. Sage 500 Advanced Manufacturing also enables you to easily track which manufactured items are generating the most profit and which are costing the most money with the GAAP-compliant job-costing system.

With over 25 years of helping solve major problems, ACI Consulting believes Sage 500 Advanced Manufacturing is the right solution for all manufacturers. It will allow your company to define operations, machines, work centers, and other options based on your needs as opposed to pre-defined options. This unique feature provides the opportunity to mold Advanced Manufacturing to your distinctive environment and business model.

Sage 500 Advanced Manufacturing Highlights:

  • Work orders offer a unique solution for production management and manufacturing-related activities
  • Accurately track labor times for job costing and labor/production effectiveness
  • Follow shipments of parts to subcontractors
  • Adaptable reporting and costing features designed for family molds, progressive dies, and other industries with co-products
  • Evaluate and observe data and transactions including work orders, costs, quantities, and more
  • Shop Floor Control system specifically designed for integration with touch screens and bar code technology
  • Record information for labor and production in real time
  • Empower employees to quickly enter labor and production information; allow them to access Work Order Inquiry to acquire detailed information, including schedule dates and step detail while in view-only privileges
  • The Shop Floor Control system supports multi-job logons and production entry for co-products
  • Supervisors may now become paperless by assigning job tickets to employees
  • Analyze and monitor manufacturing data and transactions

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