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Sage 100 Job Ops

ACI Consulting understands the myriad systems and situations companies like yourself can face. The days of sweeping minor problems under the rug are over. Sage 100’s Job Ops suite, brought to you by ACI Consulting, includes Job Estimating, Orders, and Purchasing platforms, offering businesses several unique features to help them run smoothly and efficiently.

Job Estimating/Quoting:

Sage 100’s Job Ops supplies you with the tools needed to quickly estimate job costs. From material, to labor, to subcontracted services, make the best decision for your company. Job Ops calibrates all the pricing information into one convenient total, making it easy to make a decision.

In addition, integration with Sage 100 Inventory Management allows you to quickly and effectively add up material costs. Regardless of your valuation method, Job Ops will estimate your costs using the current material value. Items not kept in stock but needed for a specific job can also be included without adding the item to your inventory system. Labor costs are estimated by calculating the number of hours necessary to finish a job. Any outside services are estimated using as much detail as you wish to provide. Having implemented this solution for numerous businesses, ACI Consulting knows Job Ops has the power to revolutionize your business.

Key Features:

  • Speed up the creation of new estimates by copying past quotes from existing templates
  • Generate a detailed job cost by combining bills across several areas
  • Job Ops Product Configurator assists in selecting options and calculating pricing
  • Track recent purchases and material costs
  • Calculate a suggested price using the mark-up margin


Sage 100’s Job Ops integration with Sales Order allows you to streamline workflow so that all job information is available in one place. Entering orders is simplified with Job Ops and Sage 100 because the sales order and work ticket function are created within the same step.

Sales Orders

Sales orders are entered using the Sales Order Module of Sage 100. Job Ops combines this function with the creation of work tickets that are created directly from the sales order line. How exactly does it work? Let’s say, for example, that your customer wants to buy a tree house from you. You give the customer a quote for the tree house and then create both the work ticket and sales order by pulling up the quote and clicking on “convert to order.” It’s that easy!

Work Tickets

Creating a work ticket is simple. Using the tree house example from above, if the tree house was not previously quoted, entering the line item for the tree house will automatically create a work ticket.

Key Features:

  • Quickly convert from a quote to a sales order
  • Automatically create work ticket orders
  • Ensure material availability before release
  • Include documentation and procedures specific to the job


Job Ops assists you in controlling the purchasing process to avoid materials shortages that impact delivery schedules and, ultimately, your bottom line. Job Ops tracks the start date for each step, operation, or phase of a job. Next, it reviews the bill of material (BOM) required for each of those steps. The material due date becomes the date that the step is scheduled to begin. Job Ops then compiles a list of all the materials that need to be purchased by looking at demand from all jobs and orders and compares it to a list of available materials during the same time period. If there is not enough material available, it is flagged as an exception item and is added to a list of items that need to be ordered.

Key Features:

  • Automated purchasing evaluates your supply and demand for jobs and helps you purchase the right materials at the right time
  • Automatically creates purchase orders
  • Optimizes cash flow by ordering what is needed for jobs
  • Creates comprehensive to-do list for every job