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Everyone knows that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If your weakest link is inventory management, the chain that leads from orders to new sales may be weak.

The entire ordering process is a circle rather than a continuous straight line. This circle starts with customers becoming aware of your company, coming to your site or sales person with a need, and placing an order. From there, goods must be manufactured and/or shipped from your warehouse.

It is there that the chain can fall apart if your inventory management system is weak. Slow picking, wrong items shipped, out of stock messages and other delays can all take an excited customer and turn them into a disgruntled customer.

So, what’s a warehouse manager supposed to do? Start with your systems. Better data leads to a better method of inventory management. When you know what you have available and what orders are coming down the pike, you can manage your inventory systems better so that orders are filled accurately and efficiently.

To access data, a system that integrates with ERP systems such as Sage 100 and Acumatica offers the best of all possible scenarios. Scanco Warehouse is such a system, and it can link your warehouse right into your ERP so that orders, inventory, and shipping are all in one place, easy to see, and manage.

Every aspect of your business impacts another, and that includes inventory management and warehouse control. Poor control over your inventory and warehouse, slow shipping times, and problematic orders contribute to lost sales. Conversely, better inventory management, faster shipping, and accurate, on-time orders lead to happy customers and repeat sales. With better inventory management, you can improve profits and build a stronger, bigger, and happier customer base.

Start your inventory management system right with Scanco Warehouse Management.