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HRMS Implementation can seem a daunting task.

Whether your business needs to replace an existing system or implement HRMS for the first time, ACI Consulting offers your business step-by-step direction along the way. Following the steps below alongside ACI Consulting customized guidance, we make HRMS implementation easy for everyone.

  • Determine project parameters based on technical and functional needs
  • Define resource requirements
  • Establish a project team for HRMS implementation
    • Executive Sponsor
    • Project Manager
    • Functional Lead
    • Technical Lead
    • Database Administrator
    • LAN/WAN Administrator
    • System/Web Administrator
    • Function end users
  • Determine project team resource needs
  • Training
  • Establish training parameters
  • Train power users prior to system configuration
  • Train non power users
  • Develop non vendor training materials and database
  • Create Project Infrastructure
  • Allocate/acquire space
  • Set up database
  • Establish operating system
  • Set up necessary hardware and install software
  • Create project roadmap
  • Determine project budget
  • Create project documents
  • Project initiation meeting
  • Review project scope and roadmap (revise if necessary)
  • Review project documents
  • Secure Sponsor endorsement
  • Schedule meetings calendar for length of the implementation
  • Create prototype environment
  • Determine detailed requirements from earlier defined requirements
  • Functional requirements and prototyping scenarios
  • HR
  • Benefits
  • Payroll
  • Technical requirements for infrastructure and data management
  • Establish security and access needs
  • Establish interface needs
  • Reporting requirements
  • Integrate existing business processes to delivered processes of new HRMS
  • Gap/fit analysis
  • Configure HRMS
  • Populate tables with correct values
  • Create Interfaces
  • Data conversion (when moving from an existing system)
  • Create data maps
  • Create data conversion programs
  • Convert data
  • Perform testing
  • Create test plan and scripts
  • Configuration testing of system setup
  • Integration testing of data conversion and system setup
  • System testing
  • Establish payroll parallel test plan (when necessary)
  • Cutover
  • Create production environment
  • Backup and processing schedules
  • Enact cutover and go live

In most HRMS implementation scenarios, it takes four to six weeks after going live to work out all the kinks. Many situations arise that can require fine tuning. For instance, changes with third party vendors or incomplete end user report requests. Once such issues have been ironed out, your business can enjoy the countless benefits that come from custom HRMS Implementation from ACI Consulting.

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