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Perhaps we’re all really impatient or perhaps we’re not planning well, but as shoppers today, we all expect delivery times that would have been unimaginable a decade ago. Mobile warehouse solutions keep your warehouse workers and systems moving quickly so you can pick and pack orders faster than ever before – but when you combine your warehouse solution with one of today’s hottest shipping methods, your products can reach customers in record time.

Find out how Scanco can help you speed up your warehouse by using mobile warehouse solutions that save time and increase your team’s productivity.

LTL – Today’s Hottest Way to Move Your Goods

Less than Truckload (LTL) shipping is a cost-effective way for smaller businesses to ship their items to customers absolutely anywhere, but this popular, affordable method does have a few drawbacks that make it less than ideal for full customer satisfaction.

  • Long-distance LTL takes a lot of time – Your packages are sent with other companies’ packages, which means that an LTL truck makes a lot of stops. Each stop requires repacking the truck, so an LTL trip may delay your goods.
  • LTL methods can damage your goods – Because packages are shifted, repositioned, and repacked on each stop an LTL truck makes, your boxes are likely to be tossed around more and your goods may get damaged.
  • Costs add up with long-distance LTL – Though Less than Truckload is a lot more affordable than Full Truckload (TL) shipping because you only pay for the space you use in the truck, it can still add up as your distances get longer and longer. If you’re shipping from the West Coast to the East Coast, your LTL costs will climb and your customers may get irritated at the high cost of their slow shipping.

Drones – Today’s Most Exciting Way to Move Your Goods

Although currently crippled under U.S. regulatory restrictions, optimistic large-scale shippers here in the States still view drones as the shipping method of the future. We understand. It’s hard to resist the fascinating idea that small, energy-efficient drones will soon zip across the country delivering orders straight to your door in minutes, even when roads are impassible. Built to handle delicate items safely and easily reach inaccessible areas like small islands, drones have a lot of potential… but just like LTL, drones have a few drawbacks as well.

  • Drone regulations are bizarre – We’re not sure why the U.S. decided to limit drones to operating only within line of sight of their pilots and we’re not sure why each drone requires its own pilot. We’re also not sure why drones can’t fly over people who aren’t part of the delivery process. What we do know is that the laws will have to change before drones accomplish much in the U.S.
  • Weather affects drones – The U.S. Postal Service may deliver in snow, rain, and heat, but drones can’t function in adverse weather conditions. Until weather gets more predictable or drones get hardier, they’re not a feasible option for long-distance deliveries.
  • Long distance and hefty weights don’t work – The average drone is built to carry less than 11 lbs. of weight and can only travel for 12-18 minutes before needing to recharge its batteries. That means that, even if they change the laws, you won’t be able to deliver to long-distance customers until drone technology gets an upgrade.

Mobile Warehouse Solutions – Today’s Top Way to Get Packages Out the Door Faster

LTL shipments and drones both have their own benefits and drawbacks to mobilize your packages outside your warehouse, but the way you can ensure faster package mobilization within your warehouse is to use mobile warehouse solutions that greatly improve your pick and pack process.

Scanco’s mobile warehouse solutions empower your company with smartphone apps and extensions that turn your phones into time-saving barcode scanners. In addition, Scanco also offers mobile-based voice-directed pick and pack solutions that guide your warehouse employees to the right boxes and the right inventory, meaning that you can train, pick, and pack faster than ever before.