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A client emails you and asks, “Has this invoice been paid?” You’re think so, but you’re not sure. You quickly scramble to open your accounting software, search for the invoice, and confirm the payment. But what if you were able to get this done without ever leaving your inbox?

You can by integrating your email and accounting systems. Hesitant? I get it, it sounds like yet another task to add to your list. But let me tell you—I personally think it’s a no brainer.

The majority of accounting softwares can integrate with Outlook, one of the most popular business email service providers. If you have clients, vendors, and other contacts in Outlook that also live in your accounting system, you can certainly save yourself time by integrating the two systems. Here’s how.

All Your Notes in One Place

By syncing up the two systems, important memos and account notes that are kept in the accounting system are accessible within Outlook. Never again will you need to navigate to the accounting system to search for important information.

Stop the Incessant Searching

Let’s say you get an email from a client like the example above. Since your contacts will be linked and synchronized between your two systems, you’ll be able to see a recap of that account right within Outlook and respond accordingly. You can even stop logging into your accounting system every time you need an address. Outlook now reads the address to you right from the accounting system—like magic!

Make Decisions Faster

When an important credit decision or inquiry needs to be made, do you really want to be flipping back and forth between your accounting system and your email? Imagine being able to look at a customer’s credit right from Outlook. This will save you time and help you make the best decision possible.

Access Important Information From Anywhere

Last but not least, integrating the two systems allows you to access to important accounting information from any device. Because Outlook can be accessed from anywhere, you’ll be able to access this information from your tablet, phone, laptop, or desktop. This kind of flexibility will help you get your work done faster and with more accuracy.

Bonus Benefit: when you create a new contact in Outlook, it will automatically populate into the accounting system!

Want to learn more about integrating Outlook with your accounting solution? I’d love to help answer any questions you might have. Reach out via my email below to schedule a quick call this week or get in touch with ACI Consulting today.