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Does Your Business Need An Effective CRM Implementation?

Does your business rely upon call centers nationwide and abroad?

To manage such complexity requires the experience and expertise of a leader with both local and global reach.

ACI Consulting is that leader. For over 25 years, we have managed and coordinated some of the most complex and far-reaching CRM projects for businesses in various industries. Whether your business needs a gradual CRM implementation on a small scale or massive implementation done quickly and efficiently, ACI Consulting has the skill and the resources for your unique needs.

Extensive projects require precise planning and meticulous attention to detail. No piece of the puzzle can be overlooked without debilitating setbacks. If your business requires extended implementation over a 6-12 month span involving resources across multiple cities, states, or countries, ACI Consulting will orchestrate the many moving parts and create a roadmap that will take you to the next level in CRM.

Using that roadmap, developing an expert oversight committee, and establishing efficient lines of communication between all relevant parties, ACI Consulting does the heavy lifting for your business.

How We Help You – Three Steps to Successful Enterprise CRM Implementation

  • Implementing a business-wide CRM unfolds in stages. First, ACI Consulting takes your business through a preliminary planning process in which we define your specific needs. Over 2-4 weeks, ACI Consulting determines the precise parameters of the project, establishes a customized strategy, and makes sure all communication and resource channels are properly aligned between your business and our team.
  • ACI Consulting establishes a series of progress assessment points to analyze the ongoing CRM implementation, making relevant adjustments when deemed appropriate. Always watchful, ACI Consulting ensures seamless and efficient implementation.
  • ACI Consulting will then coordinate user testing and training, while building a customized program that will prepare all parties for the real-world applications of your business’s CRM.

CRM Success

Spanning diverse industries from finance to the tech sector and beyond, ACI Consulting has ushered in award-winning CRM services around the globe. ACI Consulting takes customer satisfaction as seriously as your business does. The results speak for themselves.

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