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King’s Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant, famous for its trademark sweet bread and rolls, was founded in Hawaii by Robert Taira. In the 70s, Robert brought his business to the mainland. He opened a factory in Torrance and began distributing his popular Hawaiian bread. The response was so positive that he opened a bakery and restaurant in 1988, which now has expanded to two restaurants.

In order to manage its growing business across all the various financial and accounting components, King’s Hawaiian uses Sage software, the world’s largest accounting and business management software for small to medium-sized businesses. They first began using MAS 90, then moved to MAS 200, and now are on MAS 500 (re-branded Sage 500 ERP). This is where ACI Consulting enters the story.

The Challenge

As King’s Hawaiian continued to expand it needed more manpower to oversee operations effectively. They wanted to bolster their Sage resources by adding a developer that could be more responsive, as well as provide accurate coding and have the capacity to handle multiple projects.

The Chief Technology Officer at King’s Hawaiian reached out to ACI Consulting to gauge our capabilities and service offering. Following that conversation, a project leader at King’s Hawaiian followed up with ACI to further the conversation about the opportunity. It was ACI Consulting’s mission to prove we were up to the task.

The Solution

We were successful. As one of the leading resellers of Sage products, King’s Hawaiian brought on ACI Consulting to assist with their Sage support. ACI Consulting has since worked on many projects with King’s Hawaiian to seamlessly create sales orders and vouchers from their Transportation Management System (TMS). We are also involved in many other on-going projects, like importing cash receipts and creating debits and credit memos in relation to TMS.

ACI Consulting continues to bring value to King’s Hawaiian’s business. Here’s what they have to say about our partnership.

“ACI has an outstanding team that I enjoy working with. The team is very friendly, knowledgeable and provides great guidance. Anytime we have an issue with our system or process, they are always there to help & support. They are professional and I’m proud to have them as our partner.” – Tony Pham, Senior Applications Analyst