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Business Alerts: Do I Really Want to Know?

How do you find out when you’re running low on an item in your inventory? And how long does it take for that information to get to the right person, so they can take action? Different businesses have different answers to those questions, and those answers can have a big impact on your business success.

Some events, such as slow sales on a given product, a late delivery, or a past-due invoice, are bad news—but you still need to know as much as possible about them, as quickly as possible, so you can reduce their impact on your business. Other events—such as a salesperson’s huge sale, a product selling unusually well, or an early delivery—are also common and require a prompt response in order to take full advantage of the opportunities they create.

Most importantly: Whatever change to the status quo takes place at your business, you need to know about it right away, so you can decide if it’s good news or bad, determine how significant it is, and take any appropriate action.

Advantages of Automated Business Alerts

One of the reasons we recommend best-in-class Sage Intacct financial management software is that it makes it easy to set up and receive automated business alerts that provide advanced warnings on business-critical issues such as stock shortages, overdue invoices, and budget versus actual spend variances. 

The beauty of automated alerts is that you can largely set them and forget them. When an inventory item gets below its safety stock, your warehouse automatically gets notified. When an order doesn’t ship, a customer is over their credit limit, or a product isn’t selling as expected—you don’t have to dig into the database or wait for a report to find out. The business alert will show up for you, immediately, so you can decide what action to take.

Automated business alerts in Sage Intacct are like having an employee inside your computer whose only job is to let you know when a significant change occurs to a given business condition. You don’t have to supervise them. You simply need to act when they let you know of an event—whether it’s good news or bad. 


Get Professional Support to Choose the Right BI Tools

The experienced professionals at ACI Consulting can help you select the best BI tools for your business and customize them, setting up automated business alerts and other solutions to meet your needs. Contact us today to start the conversation.