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What is Sage Sales Tax Powered by Avalara?

Sage Sales Tax powered by Avalara, brought to you by ACI Consulting is the answer to your sales tax questions. ACI Consulting offers software that reduces audit risk with an easy-to-use, efficient program that aids in calculating rates, managing exemption certificates, filing forms, and remitting payments.

The most exciting part, however, is its capability to flawlessly unite with over 100 existing ERP, accounting, e-commerce and retail POS systems.

Accurate sales tax calculations reduce your risk of audit.

Sales Tax by Avalara unites with your current accounting or e-commerce software to bring you up-to-date sales tax calculations based on tax rules, including but not limited to sourcing rules, product taxability, and jurisdiction assignment. Proving sales tax compliance through accurate calculations and reporting reduces your company’s risk of being audited. Our user-friendly interface makes finding transaction histories and on-demand reporting simple.

Incorrect management of exemption certificates increases audit risk.

Filing and tracking non-taxable transactions can be cumbersome. If your business handles them, you are required to keep exemption certificates on file to verify the non-tax status of your customer. If your company has not yet transitioned to an electronic tracking system, your risk of audit is heightened in the following ways:

  • Failure to produce certificates in a timely fashion
  • Inability to link transactions to certificates
  • Incorrect application of sales tax

Sales Tax by Avalara by ACI Consulting is a comprehensive exemption certificate management service. From verifying non-tax status to filing your exemption certificates, our software makes certain that your compliance is maintained in order to decrease your audit risk.

Save time and money with accurate filing and payments.

Sales Tax by Avalara provides a service that boosts precision while diminishing the time your employees spend on sales tax return processing. Sales Tax by Avalara intuitively processes e-file, hard copy, and streamlined sales tax returns for companies of all sizes. Save time and money spent on audits or penalties and interest.

ACI Tax Program makes certain that the right amount is paid out to the correct taxing establishments at the correct time.

Sales Tax by Avalara is the complete package.

Making sure you have accurate sales tax calculations, properly managed exemption services, and on-time filing and payments with Sales Tax by Avalara results in the following:

  • Current tax rules and regulations that are applied to each transaction including address verification, jurisdiction assignment, sourcing rules, and product taxability
  • Transactions that are correctly calculated
  • Management of exemption certificates
  • Accurate and consistent filing and payment for sales tax liabilities

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