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What is Sage Document Management Powered by DocLink?

ACI Consulting brings you Sage Document Management powered by DocLink from Altec Inc., a revolutionary program that aids in the acquiring, scanning, filing, and distributing of documents. This groundbreaking tool will save you both time and money, as it cuts down on paper costs, travel expenses, and increases productivity. 

Step 1: Acquire documents internally and externally

  • ERM (Electronic Report Management) acquires and instinctively organizes invoices, purchase orders, accounts payable and payroll checks, and all reports from your software accounting package.
  • Users can acquire in-bound documents by scanning and faxing them from remote offices and by email from a MS Windows operating system
  • Users can retrieve, view, annotate, print, fax, or email documents and reports from their desktop
  • Invoice copies can be faxed or emailed with a delivery receipt within seconds
  • Save time on labor by eliminating the wasteful time spent manually retrieving paper documents and files
  • Access documents, reports, and electronic files within seconds.

Step 2: Control and approve documents with a streamlined workflow process

  • Organize your workflow to complement your processing approval steps in sales order processing and payables management
  • Combined with your payables processes, workflow circulates invoices around your business for approval and then enters it into your financial software application and updates your invoice index with the check number
  • Allows auditing and matching of invoices with purchase orders, receivers and packing slips for instant reconciliation.
  • Vendors can fax or email documents directly to doc-link, saving time and money.
  • Approve or review invoices from anywhere! Use workflow or email and electronic approval annotation with login, date, and time from approver’s desktop
  • Valid users can approve invoices and costs electronically—all before to entering information into the accounting system. In addition, users can access vendor account information without accessing the accounting system. Data can be directly imported into the voucher entry screen, eliminating the possibility of typographical errors.
  • Approved users can automatically revoke invoices by the account charged and date range. Auditors have access to all invoices by account, amount, or vendor.

Step 3: acquire, customize, and distribute printed and digital documents

  • Users can email or fax documents and reports from their desktop as needed or schedule automated delivery of purchase orders, invoices, financial and sales reports
  • Customize sub-forms and templates to communicate important data
  • Use the template function and eliminate the cost of pre-printed forms and documents
  • Receive proof of delivery for invoices or any attachment based on customer-defined criteria

ACI Consulting knows DocLink’s Sage-integrated Document Management solution will improve your business operations and help increase revenue, reduce time and travel, and exceed your expectations. Contact us today for more information.

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