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You’ve worked in this business long enough to know there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution. Every company (and every person within that company) requires software that will meet the individual’s needs, not the other way around. When it comes to Sage 100cloud, the possibilities for customization are boundless. Here are four ways that you can make Sage 100cloud your own:

Crystal Reports

One of the most highly customizable aspects of Sage 100cloud is its crystal reports. Crystal Reports comes bundled with Sage 100cloud and makes report writing easier than ever. Change font, color, and size to add emphasis, such as writing an Aged Invoice Report in bold red. Crystal Reports can also be ran manually or automatically depending on your needs.

Scripting Calculations

In many cases, scripting can be used to provide additional logic and functionality to Sage 100cloud. One of the prime ways scripting is used is its calculation feature. Here’s an example of how calculations may be used: if a company wants to see the difference between what a customer’s credit limit is and  their outstanding invoices or open sales orders, scripting can add the calculation to the Customer Inquiry screen. Scripting makes calculations easy and accessible!

Custom Office Module

With every Sage 100cloud package, a module called Custom Office is included. With Custom Office, the ability to customize Sage 100 becomes endless. Companies can now create industry specific solutions through the addition of new fields, tabs, and windows that can be customized to fit an industry’s exact needs.


Along with the aforementioned built-in features, Sage 100cloud grants access to a marketplace that boasts ready-to-go enhancements to the product. Through the marketplace, you can find upgrades that make your Sage 100cloud software ready to process your multi-company and multi-currency needs. Other common upgrades include credit card processing, sales tax integration, and automated accounts payable, plus so much more.

This list is only the beginning of the ways that Sage 100cloud is built to tackle every user’s needs, no matter how specific. Contact ACI Consulting to learn more.