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We all know that speed is of the essence in today’s warehouses, but sometimes it seems impossible to increase speed without a device that slows down time.

Today’s article helps explain the main benefits of voice picking in your warehouse, but if you’re interested in seeing voice-picking software firsthand.

  1. Voice Picking Reduces Wander Time

Busy warehouses are packed with goods and new employees have an especially hard time finding what they’re looking for when they’re picking. With voice picking systems, a neutral tone voice will guide each employee through the warehouse, optimizing their path to make their sweep as efficient as possible with no backtracking.

In addition to guiding employees through the warehouse, voice picking systems also direct employees to complete various tasks in a specific order, including preparing the right size box, printing and attaching the right label to the box, and verbally confirming the goods they’ve placed in the box, ensuring that your employees always move with purpose through your warehouse.

  1. A Warehouse Management App with Voice Picking Increases Accuracy

Not only does the voice-picking functionality in our warehouse management app cost far less than a full automation system, it’s also more accurate than a full automation system! Although the sales brochures for full automation warehouse management software (WMS) suggest that their systems can’t make mistakes, their systems’ automated, machine-based pick processes mean that a single faulty barcode could mess up an entire day’s or week’s picking process because the picking software was unable to identify that the product they were packing didn’t match with its description.

It’s true that humans are slower at picking than machines are, but they do have common sense and can verify that the item they’re picking matches its description. Voice-picking software can be programmed to ask workers for verbal confirmation that items match their descriptions, which increases order accuracy.

  1. Less Training Time Is Needed with a Voice Picking App

Because voice picking walks employees step by step through the entire pick and pack process and also walks employees step by step through your warehouse, they help you decrease the training time needed to make brand-new employees fully operational. In fact, because voice picking doesn’t require voice training to understand your employees, and because the warehouse management app works intuitively on a familiar smartphone, it’ll be extra easy for your employees to learn and use.

In addition to lower training times, voice picking helps create uniform work procedures throughout your warehouse. By directing employees in predictable, step-by-step methods that follow industry best practices, voice-picking functionality helps your employees develop solid work habits that will make it easier for you to run your warehouse on a daily basis.

Would Your Warehouse Benefit from a Voice Picking APP?

Clearly, voice picking provides a wide range of benefits, but many companies don’t realize the varied circumstances in which voice picking can help reduce training time while increasing productivity effortlessly. A few situations in which training time can help include:

  • Each/split case packing
  • Mixed case pallet packing
  • Cross docking
  • Inventory/cycle counting
  • Quality control inspections
  • Pallet building
  • Transfers
  • Receiving/put away functions
  • And more…

Ready to learn more about the voice picking system that offers you high ROI and can get new employees working throughout your warehouse within as little as ten minutes of training?