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Is the vast majority of your team on the go, out of the office, or out in the field most days? With the rapid advancement of technology, employees can now work anywhere, anytime. With over 25 years of experience, ACI Consulting can help your on-the-go employees be even more productive. Our reliable and efficient consultants are ready to help boost your sales and increase customer satisfaction, and that’s why we bring to you Sage 100 Mobile Service Solution

Sage Mobile Sales

Sage Mobile Sales is an intuitive iPad application that can be used by your sales representatives to discuss product and customer account information while out in the field. Your sales team can process quotes and orders, take payments, and collect signatures on their iPad—all via a real-time cloud connection to Sage 100 data.

Sage Mobile Sales allow you to:
• Improve your customers’ buying experience
• Increase sales productivity
• Securely and easily collect payments
• Offer more payment choices to your customers—including credit/debit cards

Sage Mobile Service
Sage Mobile Service allows for flexibility and efficiency in the field. It allows field service representatives to schedule work, view completed orders, and invoice from—all from their smart phones.

Sage Mobile Services allows you to:
• Improve cash flow with mobile credit card acceptance
• Optimize scheduling and improve customer service
• Streamline your service employees’ workday
• Increase employee productivity
• Generate higher referrals and repeat purchases
• Offer more payment choices to your customers—including credit/debit cards

Sage Billing & Payment
Improve your invoicing cycle with Sage Billing & Payment, a web-based program that automates and simplifies accounts receivable functions, thus reducing the time it takes to receive funds. In addition, expedite receipt delivery by sending electronic instead of paper ones. Improve customer satisfaction by offering your customers an online portal to manage their account and make payments.

Sage Billing and Payment allows you to:
• Offer the option of electronic invoices and payments to your customers
• Decrease the cost of sending out paper invoices by more than 90%
• Lower the time and expense of filling out and storing paper invoices
• Deliver invoices in two days and receive payments faster than receiving paper checks

Sage Mobile Service is Affordable & Easy to Install
Sage mobile solutions are cloud-based subscription services developed on Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform. They are reliable, affordable, and easy to implement. Plus, they integrate seamlessly with your Sage 100 system.

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