Filled out Time Sheet with writing handSage 100 Time and Billing

Would you like more time for strategy and actually be able to implement said strategy in a timely fashion? At ACI Consulting , we get asked “how do we streamline our most mundane tasks?”. Time and Billing Professional for Sage 100 is the answer.

By tracking your employees’ activities on all billable projects and producing detailed billing invoices for your clients, you improve customer service. This advanced tool streamlines the time/expense entry and invoicing process used by law firms, CPAs, consultants, or any business that bills clients based on time. For our clients, helping to boost profitability and help maintain their edge in today’s competitive marketplace are our top priorities.

Additionally, Time and Billing Professional seamlessly integrates with the Sage 100 Accounts Receivable component to control cash receipts, finance charges, statements, and sales tax analysis. The assimilation with Accounts Receivable also keeps receivables in one place, provides for Divisional Accounting, and offers cash flow analysis. In addition, Time and Billing Professional can be combined with the Sage 100 Accounts Payable and Sage 100 General Ledger components, post work-in-process time to the General Ledger component, and enter billable expenses in Accounts Payable and have them post back to Work in Process.

Time and Billing Professional also creates detailed billing invoices that can be customized for specific clients, as well as change the names in certain fields to match your company’s terminology – making for an uncomplicated learning curve for your employees. The features seem endless, but ACI Consulting is here to help you make sense and integrate them easily into your daily workday habits.

Features and Benefits

Time and Billing Professional offers several flexible features, such as:

  • Invoice history inquiry by invoice number
  • Generate credit memos, apply credits to invoices, and automatically post fees and expenses back to work in process
  • Invoices provide your clients with fee and expense information in detailed or summary format
  • Work Codes allow you to group and identify each type of service, work, and reimbursable expense
  • Use Engagements to follow activities for a single client and allocate different fee arrangements, billing rates, billing formats, and budgets
  • Several billing addresses can be maintained by Engagement under each client code, removing repetitive data entry and speeding up your billing process
  • Assign up to ten separate billing rates for each employee
  • Include additional text that describes information pertaining to the billing
  • Terminology for Clients, Engagements, Employees, and Work Codes can be changed to match your company’s individual requirements
  • Choose reports included with the system or create your own with Crystal Reports® or any ODBC-compliant application

Track Time

  • Management reporting resources allow you to analyze the profitability of your projects and productivity of your employees
  • Track and report time and expenses for each Client, Engagement, Employee, and Work Code
  • Determine how your employees’ time is spent by having 24-hour access to client invoices and works in progress
  • Create schedules and budgets that are understandable

Accurate Billing

  • 24-hour access to client information and billing history allows you to respond to client billing inquiries
  • Print separate bill-to and client addresses on invoices
  • Calculate and apply commissions—including split commissions—by assigning a salesperson to a bill

Sage 100 Time and Billing integrates with the following Sage 100 modules:

  • Accounts Receivable (required)
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger

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